Survivor recap: Season 39, Episode 11 presents Island of the Idols twist

S39_Ep11 Survivor Beach
Tommy Sheehan, Dean Kowalski, Noura Salman, Karishma Patel, Elaine Stott and Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor 39. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor recap for Season 39, Episode 11 of the show revealed how the show got down to its final eight castaways.

Last week, CBS gave its viewers a really intense episode, where two people were voted off in the hour. Two castaways were able to win Individual Immunity at the challenge and then two Tribal Councils took place.

The castaways who were sent to join the jury were Aaron Meredith and Missy Byrd. There was a lot of enjoyment on social media from viewers who watched the episode take place, especially after all the drama that had happened this season.

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Survivor Season 39, Episode 11 recap

Surprise. Another plan was formulated to get Karishma Patel out of the game. Somehow, she has either made a great game move or a bigger target has emerged numerous times this season. But now a plan was really being put in place to get her out. Maybe? Maybe not.

Island of the Idols victim

The tribe got to vote on who to send to the Island of the Idols, but Lauren Beck volunteered to just go. This was the first time that she got to meet Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine, so she was pretty excited. Especially since they had nearly been out there for 30 days.

Lauren was tasked with predicting who would win the next Immunity Challenge. She was given a lot of information about it and she guessed that it would be either Elizabeth Beisel or Noura Salman. If she guessed correctly, Lauren would receive an Individual Immunity Idol.

Immunity Challenge time

Host Jeff Probst bribed the remaining castaways when they arrived at the Immunity Challenge. Anyone who sat out the challenge could enjoy a feast, with bacon as the most enticing component.

Amazingly, Dan Spilo, Dean Kowalski, Elaine Stott, Janet Carbin, and Tommy Sheehan all elected to sit out and eat. So did Lauren, who wanted the winner to be either Elizabeth or Noura. The only person standing in her way was Karishma Patel.

Noura won Immunity, meaning she was safe from getting voted out. It also meant that Lauren earned herself an Immunity Idol.

Tribal Council vote

Karishma played her Immunity Idol before Jeff Probst could read the votes. It meant she was safe. And, once again, it threw a wrench into the plans of a majority of the tribe. Lauren, getting stressed by this moment, then played hers to make sure she remained safe.

Seven votes for Karishma were thrown out. It left one vote for Elizabeth and one vote for Janet. Jeff asked for a revote between the two ladies.

In the dramatic revote, as Karishma got to watch with glee after saving herself, the tribe had to make a choice between Elizabeth and Janet.

Elizabeth Beisel was the 12th person voted out and she became the sixth member of the Island of the Idols jury.

Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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