Survivor finale night has arrived for Island of the Idols cast

It’s Survivor finale night and CBS viewers are soon going to learn the name of the Season 39 winner. A lot of drama surrounds this season and Island of the Idols has shifted how the final three hours of the show will be presented. The Reunion Show is going to be pre-taped earlier on Wednesday


Survivor spoilers: Cast member Dan Spilo issues statement, apologizes

Dan Spilo, who was a contestant on Survivor: Island of the Idols, has issued an official statement in regard to his time on the show. During the last episode, it was revealed that Spilo had been removed from the reality competition show. It continued a controversy that has enveloped much of the fall 2019 season.


Survivor season finale Reunion Show will no longer be live

The Survivor Season 39 finale is going to be completely pre-taped for CBS viewers. Amid the controversy that has taken place this season on the show, the Reunion Show is going to be taped in advance of it appearing on CBS. This is a big change for the network and the show. At the same


Dan Spilo removed from Survivor: What happened and why did he leave?

There was shocking news at the end of the Survivor: Island of the Idols episode last night — as CBS revealed that castaway Dan Spilo had been removed from the show. The episode went as most have gone this season, with the castaways playing for the Individual Immunity and then someone getting voted out at


Survivor recap: Season 39, Episode 13 sets up show for finale night

The Survivor recap from Season 39, Episode 13, comes from Wednesday night. This episode was the penultimate night for the fall 2019 season, showing how close we are to learning who wins the $1 million prize. Last week, the final eight castaways got to see their loved ones again. It led to a very interesting


Who got voted off Survivor? Tonight yields new power holder

The castaway who got voted off Survivor tonight became the eighth member of the jury. When we last saw the Season 39 cast, it was Karishma Patel who got voted out at Tribal Council. The episode itself brought back loved ones. Only seven people remained when the new episode began, but that would need to


When is the Survivor finale? Episode schedule revealed by CBS

The Survivor 39 finale is coming up pretty quickly. There are now just three episodes left for the fall 2019 installment of the show, which includes the Reunion Special, where the Season 39 winner will be revealed. On Wednesday night, Karishma Patel was voted out at Tribal Council. That left just seven people competing to


Survivor recap: Season 39, Episode 12 included family visit

The recap for Survivor 39, Episode 12, covers how the cast worked its way down to just seven people. Another elimination took place at a critical Tribal Council, but first host Jeff Probst had a surprise for the castaways. Each season, right about this time, a family visit takes place on the show. This is


Who got voted off Survivor: Tonight was loved one’s episode

At least the person who got voted off Survivor tonight was able to see a loved one they hadn’t seen in over a month. When the episode began, there were still eight people left competing to become the Season 39 winner. Through some interesting gameplay, Karishma Patel was one of them. During the last episode,


Survivor sneak peek, preview for big new episode revealed

A new episode of Survivor airs on Wednesday night and viewers are going to get to see the castaways reunited with family members. This is the seasonal event where the final contestants get a chance to see their loved ones. It usually happens after the cast members have been playing the game for more than