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Who got voted off Survivor? Tonight yields new power holder

S39 E13 Survivor
Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine at Tribal Council on Season 39, Episode 13. Pic credit: CBS

The castaway who got voted off Survivor tonight became the eighth member of the jury. When we last saw the Season 39 cast, it was Karishma Patel who got voted out at Tribal Council. The episode itself brought back loved ones.

Only seven people remained when the new episode began, but that would need to change by the end of the night. As a reminder, this was also the last episode before finale night on December 18. That’s going to be a big one.

But before getting to the finale, someone else needed to be sent to join the jury. It led to a really interesting episode, even though some viewers might have been able to predict exactly what would happen at Tribal Council.

Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

Dean Kowalski won Individual Immunity during the episode. This meant he had a huge advantage. He also won the challenge that Rob and Sandra placed in front of him, earning an Idol Nullifier.

A lot of time was spent at Tribal Council again, allowing a lot of time for reactions from the two Idols and also for the people who felt threatened to defend themselves. That included Elaine, who worked hard to explain why people should keep her around. But some of her arguments are also why people should vote her out before the finale.

When it finally got down to the vote, host Jeff Probst took center stage to reveal the results. Elaine Stott was the castaway who was voted off Survivor tonight. She had more votes than Noura Salman, who was the other target.

That brings an end to the latest results from the show. Make sure to tune in next week, when the Survivor 39 finale airs on CBS. It’s going to be a big event for the show before the long winter hiatus begins.

But wait… there’s more

The following title card appeared as the episode came to a close:

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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