Survivor recap: Season 39, Episode 12 included family visit

S39 Ep12 Jeff Probst
Survivor host Jeff Prost during S39, E12 of Island of the Idols. Pic credit: CBS

The recap for Survivor 39, Episode 12, covers how the cast worked its way down to just seven people. Another elimination took place at a critical Tribal Council, but first host Jeff Probst had a surprise for the castaways.

Each season, right about this time, a family visit takes place on the show. This is where the final few people get to be surprised with loved ones appearing during the episode. It’s a big tease and/or motivation for some.

Back on Episode 11, Elizabeth Beisel was eliminated, taking the cast down to just eight people. After she left Tribal Council, she got to meet a family member of her own, whom she introduced during a Ponderosa interview.

Survivor recap: A Very Simple Plan

They didn’t waste any time. Right out of the gate, the final eight got to meet their loved ones. After some quick reunions, Jeff let them know they would be competing in pairs to enjoy a picnic with their loved ones.

The duos were Janet/Tommy, Lauren/Karishma, Elaine/Dean, and Noura/Dan. It was the team of Janet Carbin and Tommy Sheehan who won. They then selected Dan Spilo and Lauren Beck to join them for the reward.

These reward picnics typically end up being strategy sessions, especially when it gets to the family reunion episode. That’s exactly what seemed to be happening, as the quartet of rewarded castaways plotted to get Elaine Stott out next.

Back at camp, the other quartet also formulated a plan. They were going to work at getting Lauren out of the game next. This scenario set up what looked to be an exciting Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council to finish out the episode.

Season 39, Episode 12 recap: Immunity Challenge

It was another difficult Immunity Challenge, but that’s how it should be at this point in the game. The GIF shared below displays what they were in for this episode. All they had to do was keep their ball from dropping.

Lauren ended up winning, securing her safety after Elaine dropped her ball and finished in second place. Being a runner-up in these challenges doesn’t yield the desired result, though, and only Lauren was safe.

Tribal Council: Bring in the jury

Lauren had safety at Tribal Council, meaning she could no longer be one of the targets. Enter Karishma Patel, who keeps getting targeted for elimination. Would this be the time when her nine lives on the show came to an end?

There were some pretty dramatic moments during the Tribal Council, where it seemed like several people could be at risk of getting voted off the show. Elaine Stott saw the drama and played her Idol, just in case she was targeted. She wasn’t.

Jeff revealed that the 13th person voted off Survivor: Island of the Idols was Karishma Patel. She received five votes, with Noura Salman getting three votes of her own. Karishma now becomes the seventh member of the jury.

Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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