Survivor recap: Season 39, Episode 12 included family visit

The recap for Survivor 39, Episode 12, covers how the cast worked its way down to just seven people. Another elimination took place at a critical Tribal Council, but first host Jeff Probst had a surprise for the castaways. Each season, right about this time, a family visit takes place on the show. This is


Karishma Patel close to Survivor record after latest Tribal Council

Karishma Patel might just set a Survivor record on this season of the show. It’s not a record that anyone would want to hold, but she is approaching it nonetheless. On Wednesday night, Karishma received seven votes during the first Tribal Council vote. Before host Jeff Probst read off the votes, though, Karishma played her


Survivor recap: Season 39, Episode 3 reveals possible new advantage

The Survivor recap for Season 39, Episode 3, comes from Wednesday, October 9. This was the third episode for Island of the Idols, and another person would be going home at Tribal Council. During last week’s episode, it was Molly Byman who was sent home. She followed poker player Ronnie Badrah, who was voted out