Karishma Patel close to Survivor record after latest Tribal Council

S39_Ep11 Karishma
Survivor 39, Episode 11 saw Karishma Patel scheming for her life on the show. Pic credit: CBS

Karishma Patel might just set a Survivor record on this season of the show. It’s not a record that anyone would want to hold, but she is approaching it nonetheless.

On Wednesday night, Karishma received seven votes during the first Tribal Council vote. Before host Jeff Probst read off the votes, though, Karishma played her Immunity Idol.

Though Karishma found safety again, with Elizabeth Beisel getting voted off Survivor instead, she got very close to setting the record for most votes against a castaway in a single season.

After the first 11 episodes of Season 39, Karishma has now received 17 votes at Tribal Councils. That includes seven more from the latest episode, as she was the primary target before gaining safety with her Idol.

With eight people still left in the game, Karishma is already tied for the second most votes a castaway has received on any season of the show. That’s 39 installments, folks.

The current record-holder for most Tribal Council votes against them in a single season is Laura Morett from Survivor 27: Blood Vs Water. She appeared as part of six Tribal Councils that season and got voted out twice. She finished with 19 votes against her at that time.

Two other former castaways also had 17 votes placed against them. They were Phillip Sheppard from Survivor 22: Redemption Island and Ozzy Lusth from Survivor 23: South Pacific.

One noteworthy statistic is that Phillip finished second place on Season 22, meaning he survived every Tribal Council before making it to the finale night.

Could Karishma Patel break that record and go on to become the Survivor 39 winner? We will all have to tune in to find out.

Survivor: Island of the Idols is winding down and it will come to an end in December. That’s when the taped episodes finish up and Jeff Probst hosts the live-reading vote and reunion show. It will then begin the official countdown to when the all-winners cast takes the stage for Season 40.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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