Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN quiz fans on potential Mega Race 2

Farmtruck and AZN in Mega Race poster
Farmtruck and AZN in the poster for the original Mega Race on Discovery

Farmtruck and AZN have been quizzing fans on their thoughts for a potential new version of the Fast N’ Loud vs. Street Outlaws Mega Race!

The pair posted a question on their Facebook page asking: “Would you want to see a Mega Race2? #Farmtruck #TeamFnA #StreetOutlaws.”

The original Mega Race took place in March this year and saw Street Outlaws beat Fast N’ Loud in the more serious of the two races, while former Gas Monkey mechanic Aaron Kaufman beat Farmtruck and AZN in a skills challenge.

Aaron recently revealed he’s to star in a new show on Discovery called Shifting Gears, which will air in 2018.

Farmtruck and AZN’s question got a variety of different responses from fans, with the vast majority backing the idea although some said they would like to see it take place against a garage from a different show such as Diesel Brothers — or a selection of different garages.

Facebook comment

Facebook comment

Several said that if they were to take on Gas Monkey again then Richard Rawlings should be made to drive, something he didn’t do last time.

Facebook comment

Lots of people also said they just wanted to see the Farmtruck have a proper run at the list on Street Outlaws.

Facebook comment

Farmtruck and AZN yesterday shared some pictures of them taking on JJdaBoss at an event at Memphis International Raceway which was filmed for the upcoming season of Street Outlaws.

Fans are currently waiting for news on Season 10 — here’s the latest.

What do you think? Should there be a Mega Race 2?

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