Steve transforms 1970s-era Charger into blue-collar ode on Vegas Rat Rods

Vegas Rat Rods graining
Cheyenne graining the Charger on Vegas Rat Rods

This week on Vegas Rat Rods, Steve Darnell has been inspired by a song he’s written to revamp a 1970s Dodge Charger that’s seen better days.

He wants something that he can use in the music video for the new song and wants the car to reflect his own blue-collar background working in the steel mills.

The Charger is nothing if not blue-collar and seems perfect for the job, but Steve wants a bare metal finish to go with that steel history and that’s not going to be a quick task to get right.

Lots of work for that bare metal finish
Lots of work for that bare metal finish

Cheyenne and Travis get the car body back from the sand blasting and set about blowing it out and graining it. The latter is a really fiddly job that is going to push the schedule back a fair way, but the finished car is something else.

Will the Welder Up crew get it ready on time for the music video?

Vegas Rat Rods airs on Mondays at 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel.

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