Steve transforms 1970s-era Charger into blue-collar ode on Vegas Rat Rods

This week on Vegas Rat Rods, Steve Darnell has been inspired by a song he’s written to revamp a 1970s Dodge Charger that’s seen better days. He wants something that he can use in the music video for the new song and wants the car to reflect his own blue-collar background working in the steel

Exclusive interview: Vegas Rat Rods’ Steve Darnell on what’s to come for Welder Up

Steve Darnell is the down-to-earth and super-talented founder of Welder Up, the firm behind Discovery’s hit show Vegas Rat Rods. The series, which sees Steve and his team creating mind-blowing automobile creations out of junkyard treasures, is currently in its third season. We got the chance to speak to Steve about the show, his plans for

Steve Darnell: Who is the star of Vegas Rat Rods?

We know Steve Darnell from his TV series Vegas Rat Rods, but what was he doing before then and how did the show start? Steve was raised in Billings, Montana, and attended Skyview High School. As a youngster, he was a keen wrestler and was part of the wrestling team at school. In fact, it


Death-defying freakshow on wheels for ‘The Cowboy’ on Vegas Rat Rods

This week on Vegas Rat Rods, sometimes even cowboys need a little something to lift their spirits and what better than a carnival ride on wheels designed by Steve Darnell. Every town needs a cowboys and every cowboy needs a rat rod, OK so we made that up but that’s kinda the gist of this week’s