Steve Darnell and Welder Up push to the wire in vintage challenge on Vegas Rat Rods

Vegas Rat Rods
It’s time to start choppin on Vegas Rat Rods as Steve and the team take on a challenge

This week on Vegas Rat Rods, Steve Darnell is given a challenge by some local hot-rod builders to take part in a race involving period-authentic post-war restorations.

These guys turn up in the shop as bold as brass and pretty much tell Steve they don’t think he could turn one of these out.

Never one to back out of a race, Steve decides to make a 1931 Ford ready for the race in just over a week.

Will they be left eating dust in the race?
Will they be left eating dust in the race?

However, some of the team at Welder Up are a bit worried that his schedule is a bit ambitious and that the hot-rod will not be ready on time. But Steve is confident that Welder Up won’t be shown up in the race and he it pretty sure however the rod turns out, it will be pretty sexy!

Last time the team came together for one of their own and built an amazing vehicle for Joe whose son is battling cancer, the car served as a metaphor for the boy’s struggle and was a touching moment when they handed it over.

Vegas Rat Rods airs Mondays at 10:00 PM on Discovery. 

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