Southern Charm Season 6: Will Thomas Ravenel’s legal issues be discussed?

Thomas Ravenel
Thomas Ravenel was fired last year from Southern Charm, but fans want answers. Pic credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

Southern Charm Season 6 should be on the horizon soon, as Bravo usually airs this particular show in April on their network. However, Bravo hasn’t released a trailer, making fans wonder when the show will start.

Season 6 is a very anticipated season, as many questions remain unanswered in the Thomas Ravenel arrest over allegedly assaulting a woman.

Back in the fall, he was arrested and Bravo fired him from Southern Charm, leaving fans with nothing but questions. There may be more to the story as to why Southern Charm isn’t back yet but does it have to do with the Thomas Ravenel case?

Ravenel has reportedly gone to court, asking the judge to seal the entire custody battle so no one can talk about it publicly or on the Bravo show. Since Southern Charm has already been in production without the order in place, it’s possible that the stars of the show are talking about it.

Thomas also wants a gag order in place, restricting Kathryn Dennis from talking about it.

“I do not believe Kathryn and Bravo should profit from this litigation and from the pain and suffering it has caused me and will inevitably cause our children,” Thomas has reportedly said about the case, according to The Blast, adding, “Sealing this case will do no good if Bravo and Kathryn are allowed to discuss this litigation on TV or social media.”

As for Kathryn, she’s been posting photos of herself with her children on Instagram, making no mention of Thomas.

“Bravo and Kathryn will be at liberty to control the public narrative of this litigation and shape the story as it suits them, and my children will bear the shame of being fathered by a man the public believes is a monster, an abuser and a narcissist,” the Blast reports as being one of Thomas’ biggest concerns.

Since Southern Charm Season 5 wrapped, Kathryn has been busy with her new business venture. Inspired by her kids, Kensie and Saint is a new kid furniture line created in Charleston, South Carolina. The line is currently in its early stages and a website is expected soon.

As we’ve previously reported, Thomas Ravenel was arrested late last summer with police charging him with assault and battery in the second degree. He faces three years in prison, but his case has stood still since the arrest. He was fired from Southern Charm shortly after his arrest.

We’re still waiting for the Season 6 trailer to drop. Usually, Bravo will release the trailer around this time of the year for a premiere date in April. But it’s possible that the season is delayed due to Thomas Ravenel’s legal issues. It’s also possible the season is delayed because of the pending wish by Thomas to stop all Southern Charm co-stars from talking about his case.

Southern Charm is expected to return to Bravo this spring, but the network has yet to release a premiere date. 

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