The Young and the Restless: Zach Tinker returns as Fenmore Baldwin

Zach Tinker returns to The Young and the Restless as Fenmore Baldwin.
Fenmore Baldwin is headed back to Genoa City in time for the holidays. Pic credit: CBS

Zach Tinker is returning to The Young and the Restless for a brief stint as Fenmore Baldwin.

Rumors began swirling the son of Michael (Christian LeBlanc), and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) was popping up in Genoa City last fall.

Christian posted a photo of him and Zach on Instagram in September, igniting speculation the young actor, as well as his alter ego, was returning to the CBS daytime drama.

The last time Y&R viewers saw Fen, he had left law school to become a musician. Thanks to the help of Devon (Bryton James) and Summer (Hunter King), Fenmore got his big break. He went on the road to gain some real-world experience as an opening act.

However, it appears the music business might not have been the life-dream Fen initially thought it would be.

Lauren and Michael had a couple of conversations regarding Fenmore throughout the summer. However, the parents were dealt a blow concerning their son when Adam (Mark Grossman) used a picture of Fenmore at a party dealing drugs to blackmail Michael.

Adam assured the attorney Fen is not in deep with drugs, but the incriminating evidence was enough to send the young man to prison for years.

After hearing the trouble her son was in, yet again, Lauren left town to find him. When she returned, it turned out Fenmore had checked himself into rehab and felt terrible for his recent decisions.

As the holidays draw near, will the Baldwin family be reunited? The answer is yes.

On December 23, Zach Tinker will reprise the role of Fenmore Baldwin. He began playing the character in December 2018 but then departed in February 2019. It is unclear how long Fen/Zach is sticking around.

What happened to Fenmore while he was on the road? How did the young man go from musician life to drug dealing life? Those questions and more will hopefully be answered in next week’s episodes of the soap opera.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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