The Young and the Restless spoilers: Abby confides in Mariah, Kyle wants answers, and Adam and Billy face off

Michael Mealor as Kyle Abbott on Y&R
Kyle has questions for his mom on Y&R. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease many questions that need to be answered on the hit CBS soap opera.

Things are changing in Genoa City as November sweeps barrels on, with a couple more weeks remaining in the month.

It’s time for some people to face the actions of their consequences, like Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Diane (Susan Walters).

They aren’t the only ones, either.

Adam (Mark Grossman) and Billy (Jason Thompson) each want answers regarding their involvement in how to help Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan).

The latest Y&R preview video gives fans a look at all three of these storylines unfolding in upcoming episodes of the daytime drama.

Mariah and Kyle want the truth

The fallout of Abby and Devon (Bryton James) hooking up remains front and center. News of their affair will slowly spread around town, especially since Amanda (Mishael Morgan) spilled the beans to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) before she left town.

When Mariah (Camryn Grimes) stops by to visit Abby, she can tell there’s something wrong. After some hounding, Abby admits that Chance (Conner Floyd) didn’t come home last night.

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Abby makes a painful confession, so perhaps she leans on Mariah as her marriage unravels.

The video footage also features Kyle (Michael Mealor) grilling Diane about her involvement with Jeremy Stark (James Hyde). Kyle’s still reeling from learning about what happened with her mother while she was faking her death.

However, that doesn’t stop him from wondering if Diane didn’t help put Jeremy away to save herself. Kyle, point blank, asks a shocked Diane that question but will he really get the truth from his lying, scheming mother?

Billy and Adam have it out

Although they have the same end goal, ensuring Chelsea gets the help she needs to get better, Billy and Adam are still enemies. The two men have spent years feuding and trying to destroy each other.

The preview has these two guys in a tense chat as Adam makes it clear he’s grateful Billy was there to save Chelsea’s life. Billy knows all too well that Adam isn’t there just to pay him a compliment and wants Adam to cut to the chase.

Adam demands to know just how involved Billy intends to be in Chelsea’s recovery. After all, Billy has provided a safe place for Chelsea, and she counts on him.

Be sure to tune in daily so not a moment of the juicy entertainment is missed.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

i don’t like Chelsea but the current storyline is powerful and the actress is doing a good job in her portrayal. Billy needs to shut up and sit down! Period! I hope Diane gets what’s coming to her old self.