How to watch full episodes of Days of our Lives when NBC preempts the daytime drama

How to watch Days of our Lives when it gets preempted.
There are several ways for viewers to not miss a single episode of Days of our Lives. Pic credit: NBC

Fans are asking how to watch full episodes of Days of our Lives when NBC preempts the daytime drama. Those who love to watch the soap opera know the show often gets interrupted for alternate programming, such as breaking news.

Now unlike CBS or ABC, which most of the time choose to air preempted episodes of General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful the next day, NBC does not. The network chooses to keep their soap schedule intact, even when something unexpected bumps it from the air.

It is super confusing for fans who tune in and suddenly realize they missed an entire episode. The question then becomes, how do people watch the preempted episodes of Days? There are a few ways fans can watch any episode of the show that was not shown on the network.

NBC.com uploads same-day episodes of Days of our Lives but not until later in the evening. Most of the time, the current show is available online around 8 PM EST. The NBC app and Days of our Lives app, also air the current day’s show and upload it in the same timely manner as NBC.com.

Now, if watching online or on an app does not sound appealing, there is always the option of watching on demand. Most cable subscribers have NBC on demand, but fans have to wait until the next day to view the most recent episode. It is still a viable option that allows fans to keep up with life in Salem.

Last but not least is Hulu. The streaming service offers full episodes of Days of our Lives, with the most current one being available for viewing later in the evening. Not all Hulu subscribers get Days, though. Fans must have the Live TV subscription to gain access to episodes of the daytime drama.

There is good and bad news when it comes to the NBC soap opera being preempted. The bad is that it will happen. The good news is that there are various ways to watch full episodes of Days of our Lives.

NBC never moves an episode to the next day. Sometimes the network will air the current Days episode at another time, like in the later night or in the early morning hours.

Fans should not let the preemptions allow a single episode of the daytime drama to be missed, especially since there are so many ways to watch.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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