General Hospital star Tyler Christopher talks battle with alcohol and bipolar on State of Mind

Tyler Christopher at the TCA's.
Tyler Christopher was raw when telling his story. Pic credit: ©

General Hospital and Days of our Lives star Tyler Christopher opened up about his battle with addiction and his bipolar diagnosis on the most recent episode of State of Mind. 

The YouTube interviews are hosted by Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital. He has been open about his battles with mental health and his own bipolar and what it’s like living with the diagnosis and working on General Hospital with it. 

This episode was special, as many fans have rooted for Tyler Christopher over the last two decades. His battle with alcohol has made headlines, but Tyler hadn’t told his story. That all changed with this one episode. 

What did Tyler Christopher say about his battle with alcohol and bipolar? 

In a very open conversation with Maurice Benard, Tyler Christopher talked about his story in a very raw and matter-of-fact way. 

He said over and over that he was not a victim. His choices led to what happened to him, and he was well aware of all of it. 

Tyler revealed he died three times due to his relationship with alcohol but was revived each time. Two of them were due to alcohol poisoning, and one more time due to withdrawal. 

Along with the withdrawal, Tyler revealed he suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a fall where he hit his head on a tub. He was in bad shape and wasn’t expected to pull through. However, he did. 

Some other things that he opened up about pertained to him living on the streets. He spent two weeks on skid row. Tyler Christopher talked about eating out of the garbage. It was a very different life than he lived when he played Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital or Stefan DiMera on Days of our Lives. 

Tyler Christopher made headlines for his drinking 

His battle with alcohol was very public. In 2019, Tyler Christopher was arrested for public intoxication

Tyler’s drinking contributed to him leaving the role of Stefan DiMera on Days of our Lives. Brandon Barash took over for him, as it was supposed to be temporary, though it was permanent.

Over the last few months, Tyler has been more active on social media. He is seemingly back to enjoying life and working through the events that led him to where he is today. At almost 50 years old, it’s been quite a ride filled with good times and bad. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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