Days of our Lives spoilers: Jake threatens Philip, Rafe shocks Nicole, and trouble for Ben and Ciara

Days of our Lives spoilers tease Rafe makes a confession to Nicole.
Rafe doesn’t like that Nicole is getting close to EJ again. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers tease jealousy, rage, and the devil shake things up on the hit NBC soap opera.

As the show prepares for November sweeps, Days is moving full steam ahead with several storylines. The revisiting of Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) possession remains the number one priority.

This time around, though, a whole newer layer is added to the story. Plus, a new crop of Salem residents will be impacted by the devil taking over Marlena.

In the latest promo video, the legendary and controversial scene of Marlena levitating above the bed happens again.

Days of our Lives spoilers tease that John (Drake Hogestyn) worries about his wife after learning about her disturbing nightmare. Perhaps John doesn’t know about Marlena’s previous bad dream but rather a new one based on her levitating.

Jake takes on Philip

It was only a matter of time before Jake (Brandon Barash) faced off with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) over the latter blackmailing Gabi (Camila Banus). Jake shows up at the Kiriakis Mansion to threaten Philip for messing with the mob.

Thanks to Ava (Tamara Braun), Philip has evidence that could send Jake to jail. However, Jake points out that Philip’s playing with the mob, and it will cost him.

They aren’t the only ones having a heated exchange. Ava and Gabi gear up to do battle once again.

Rafe gets honest with Nicole

Another set of men are also feuding in Salem. EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) and Rafe (Galen Gering) have a tense run-in that requires Nicole (Arianne Zucker) to play referee.

The fight occurs when Rafe spots Nicole and EJ getting ready to kiss. Rafe later admits to Nicole that every time he sees her with EJ, it makes his blood boil.

Oh yes, the green-eyed monster is getting the best of Rafe. Ava is not going to be happy about that.

Watch out Ben and Ciara

Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) returns from his session with Marlena, ready to have a baby with Ciara (Victoria Konefal). The newlyweds waste no time hitting the sheets, kicking off the baby-making process.

They are left startled when a window suddenly bursts open while they are getting passionate. Unfortunately, Ciara and Ben are unaware dangers loom for them and their future child.

The devil has big plans for Ben and Ciara, who have no idea Marlena is possessed again. Whatever evil looms for the newly reunited couple, one thing is for sure. Ciara and Ben are headed for some troubled times.

So many juicy moments are coming up on the hit daytime drama. Be sure you don’t miss a second of the show.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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1 year ago

i really do not like the the devil story so stupid….

Shari Quast
Shari Quast
1 year ago

Think it is so stupid to have the devil once again for Pete sakes it is 2021 grow up.
so many people are fed up with this crap once again get real. The show is being ruined with this ridiculous showings once again. Lets have normal our world is confused enough without having the soaps all screwed up also

1 year ago

It’s a crazy storyline, but after watching The Kelly Clarkson Show, there is a whole other level to this story. I will always support and watch Days no matter what the storyline is. I have been watching Days for over 50 years and will never stop. I love Days!

Jamie Margoles
Jamie Margoles
1 year ago

Despite any “whole other level,” the possessed story is utterly ridiculous and boring. ‘Stupid is what stupid does.’
And, frankly, I am appalled that Paulina is supposed to be Lani’s birth mother and Abe is not her biological father. In my view, the characters of Paulina and Chanel should never ever have been brought on canvas. With due respect to the actors, these characters just don’t fit into this beloved soap opera. And the actors who portray EJ and Johnny are horrible. Either convince James Scott to return as EJ and bring back the little boy now grown up as Johnny, then don’t bring either character on canvas.
I LOVE Rafe and Nicole but not romantically tied together. Nicole belongs with Eric (and if Greg Vaughn doesn’t return, then I vote for a recast). I really really really like the pairing of Rafe and Ava. Great chemistry.
And the “movie” directed by Johnny is also ridiculous beyond ridiculous.
get rid of Ron the writer.
That’s all folks…

1 year ago

leave Ben and Ciara they have been throuh enough such a stupid storyline anyways that Devil crap seen that years ago not interested in that anymore let them have their baby just like Bo and Hope