Days of our Lives on Peacock: How to watch and how much does it cost?

Kayla Johnson on Days of our Lives.
Days of our Lives has a new home. Pic credit: Peacock

It’s been over a week since Days of our Lives said goodbye to NBC after 57 years and hello to Peacock.

The change was announced in August leaving Days fans shocked as the change was happening so quickly.

On Monday, September 12, Days of our Lives became a Peacock original series, with several stars speaking out about the excitement of the move to streaming.

The hit soap opera can now be viewed any time on Peacock, with new episodes dropping in the early morning hours.

That means no more waiting for a specific time to watch the show and no more breaking news interruptions. Plus, being a Peacock exclusive means the daytime drama is commercial-free and can be binge-watched.

What else is there for Days fans to know about the Peacock move? Let’s take a look.

How much does it cost to watch Days of our Lives on Peacock?

Having to pay to watch the long-running soap opera when it was previously free was an issue for fans. To help combat that, Peacock offered a deal for new subscribers for $1.99 per month for the next year.

Several Days of our Lives stars got together to help explain how to get the show and this new deal.

As the show dropped on Peacock, Deidre Hall (Marlena) spoke about all the positive things that would come from the change. The special price was one of the things she brought up as she praised fans for sticking with the show through the years.

What can Days fans expect from the Peacock move?

The current episodes dropping on the streaming service were filmed so far in advance that viewers won’t notice filming changes for a few months. It’s no secret that the soap opera films months advance, which is why it was the only daytime drama to air new episodes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When new episodes are filmed for Peacock, things will get spicier, a little racy, and more as the streaming service doesn’t have the same restrictions as a network.

The fall promo has revealed that Days of our Lives fans will miss out if they don’t follow the show to its new home. Love triangles, a wedding, an explosive car crash, scandals, and more are coming to Salem this fall.

This week a big bombshell drops on the show when Abigail’s (Marci Miller) killer is revealed, and it’s a must-see moment.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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1 year ago

Sure offer $1.99/month for a year to subscribe to Peacock and then raise the price after that year is up. Ridiculous. I will not pay to watch anything. If I’m going to pay for something I’ll go to the movies. Senior members of society need to choose whether to pay for medical needs, food and housing not have to put money out to watch TV.

1 year ago
Reply to  Susie

It is ridulous to expect people to pay for this show and require a smart tv, internet, etc. Besides, there are enough news programs with bad news anyway. I hope viewership goes down and NBC decides to bring it back to regular free TV! Such a decision is inconsiderate and a disgrace to the network!