Snowfall Season 3 premiere date: When will show return if it gets renewed?

Snowfall season 3 could get renewed later this fall. Pic credit: FX

Snowfall is an American crime series, focusing on the first crack epidemic in the United States. The Season 2 finale will be airing next week on September 20 and fans are left wondering if the show will return.

FX hasn’t said anything about a third season. Last year, FX decided to announce the second season on August 9, meaning the second season of Snowfall was already announced before the first season was done airing on FX.

This is not the case this year, as the second season is wrapping in less than a week with no word on whether the show will return. If the show does come back for a third season, fans can expect the show to return next July.

Season one of Snowfall premiered on July 5, 2017, and season two aired on July 19, 2018. Simply because FX hasn’t announced Snowfall season three yet doesn’t mean it won’t return.

Even though the second season was announced in August 2017, the cast members didn’t share photos from filming until January. The only reason why Snowfall could face cancellation could be the ratings.

The viewer numbers did take a dip at the end of the second season. The first episode pulled in 1.16 million viewers, while the September 6 episode only pulled in 0.752 million.

Over the season, the numbers have decreased but this also happened during the show’s first season. While the first season premiered with 1.36 million viewers, the season ended with 0.854 million viewers.

Snowfall airs on Thursdays at 10/9c on FX.

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