Snowfall Season 3 premiere date: When will show return if it gets renewed?

Snowfall is an American crime series, focusing on the first crack epidemic in the United States. The Season 2 finale will be airing next week on September 20 and fans are left wondering if the show will return. FX hasn’t said anything about a third season. Last year, FX decided to announce the second season

Adriana DeGirolami: Who is actress behind Soledad on Snowfall?

Adriana DeGirolami is one of the stars on Snowfall, about the first crack epidemic in Los Angeles in 1983. The series features several new faces in Hollywood and Adriana, who plays Soledad, is one of them. On her personal website, Adriana DeGirolami explains that she’s from a proud native of Chicago — the city, not the suburbs,

Who is Damson Idris who plays drug dealer Franklin Saint in FX’s Snowfall?

Snowfall is a brand new crime drama set during the crack explosion in 1980s Los Angeles, but who is actor Damson Idris who play young drug dealer Franklin Saint? Damson Idris was born in London, England, in 1991 and is of Nigerian ancestry. He comes from a big family with three brothers and two sisters,

Crack, cartels and CIA clash as crime drama Snowfall premieres on FX

This week sees the premiere of FX’s new crime drama Snowfall, that is set during the first crack epidemic of the 1980s. The show is set in Los Angeles circa 1984 when crack started to really hit the streets for the first time and began to change the whole culture of LA. Snowfall tracks the