Adriana DeGirolami: Who is actress behind Soledad on Snowfall?

Adriana DeGirolami as Soledad in Snowfall
Adriana DeGirolami as Soledad in Snowfall. Pic credit: FX

Adriana DeGirolami is one of the stars on Snowfall, about the first crack epidemic in Los Angeles in 1983.

The series features several new faces in Hollywood and Adriana, who plays Soledad, is one of them.

On her personal website, Adriana DeGirolami explains that she’s from a proud native of Chicago — the city, not the suburbs, which is an important distinction for her.

Her education includes being an honor student of New York City’s Tisch drama program through the Atlantic Theater Company.

She’s also had training from William H. Macy and David Mamet throughout her career. In other words, she’s put a lot of work into getting where she is in Hollywood today.

Adriana also opens up on her website about her personal passions, including some hilarious facts about herself.

These include over-expressive hand gestures and how she has a habit of reading her friends’ astrological charts out loud to them — whether her friends have asked for them or not.

Adriana lives in Los Angeles with her Cuban sweetheart, Nick. They share a kitten named Paloma.

According to her IMDb page, Adriana also starred on Law & Order, so if you feel that you recognize her from somewhere, it’s possible that’s where you’ve seen her.

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