SKD143 Cliff Big Brother meaning: Secret message from BB21 cast member

Cliff Hogg On BB21
Cliff Hogg joined the Big Brother 21 cast for summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

SKD143. Cliff Hogg from Big Brother 21 uses it. But what is the meaning of the message that he shares during his time in the voting room?

On Thursday night, as the BB21 cast was voting to evict Nick Maccarone, Cliff ended his segment with a familiar message to viewers. But while familiar, not everyone actually knows what he means.

What is SKD143 meaning to Cliff on Big Brother?

Cliff uses SKD143 as a secret message to his family. The first part, SKD, is actually the initials of his loved ones. They correlate to Sharon (wife), Kelly (daughter), and Daniel (son).

As for the 143, fans of Mr. Rogers may remember it being used years ago. It basically means “I love you.” So, each time Cliff is in the Diary Room placing his votes, he is sending his family a message to know that he misses them.

Cliff Hogg continues to do well on Big Brother 21

Though he is the oldest cast member this season, Cliff is doing well against a group of younger houseguests. He did get evicted earlier in the summer but battled his way back by winning the Camp Comeback Challenge.

Since returning to the game, Cliff has not been at risk of being evicted again. Sure, there were points where he was going to be a nominee up against some bigger threats in the game, but everyone has enjoyed his presence.

The person who just won the August 29 Endurance Challenge could also impact his game in a big way, so stay tuned folks.

As Cliff Hogg makes his way toward the season finale and continues to use his secret message of SKD143, it’s definitely possible that he could get to the final two. His biggest obstacle is that he has to find a way to win an Endurance Challenge. That might be tough.

If he doesn’t, most of the houseguests may not want to sit next to Cliff in the final two, because he could become the Big Brother 21 winner due to how many people like him.

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