Sister Wives triplets: Latest on Kody Brown’s clusters of kids

Sister Wives triplets
Lots of Brown “triplet” clusters are in the balance for Kody’s big move. Pic credit: TLC

On the most recent episode of Sister Wives on TLC, the family feuded over Kody’s decision to leave Las Vegas.

His reasoning was rooted in his concern about his age (Kody is now 50-years-old) and the cost of educating all of the children.

In last night’s episode, the “triplet” clusters of Kody Brown’s school aged children were part of the “Leaving Las Vegas” drama the family is wrestling with on the series.

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Kody Brown had the family move from Las Vegas, Nevada to Arizona last year, but his wives were initially not happy about it.

Was last night’s episode a Sunday school lesson or an impromptu business meeting?

This episode showed Kody’s poster board presentation where he made the case for the family to exit en masse from Nevada. He felt the equity in their homes was sufficient to cash out handsomely to secure a more solid financial future.

The fate of the “triplets” — which are the clusters of Kody’s biological and adopted kids who are in high school and the most resistant to any move — was also decided upon.

This episode was also an interesting insider peek at the mechanics of a plural marriage making decisions as a unit as well as a demonstration of Kody’s salesmanship abilities.

But their family unity, which Kody noted in the episode was “in the crosshairs,” and the move from Las Vegas was met with unhappiness, to say the least.

Janelle said in the episode she was worried for the “triplets,” who are the same age and juniors in high school.

Wife Meri responded, “That would mean we have to move back since the political thing and law change. I have no desire to move back to Utah. I’m concerned about the acceptance we would get anywhere else.”

Janelle said “I’m not going to pull Gabriel out his junior year of high school. I don’t care about the money. I got to protect my kid. He said he’ll run away.”

So, who are the “triplets” and are there more than one set of them?

The sets of Brown “triplets”

The oldest three children who are now making their own lives. Logan at age 24 (Kody and Janelle), Aspyn at age 23 (Kody and Christine), and Mariah at age 23 (Kody and Meri) who were all born within 14 months of each other to each of Kody’s first three wives — Janelle, Christine, and Meri, respectively.

The next round of “triplets” are Hunter Elias at age 22, (Kody and Janelle), Paedon Rex at age 20 (Kody and Christine) and Garrison at age 20 (Kody and Janelle) plus David at age 19 (Robyn-adopted by Kody).

The next level of “plyglets” as Kody described them in a past episode are Gabriel at age 17 (Kody and Janelle) plus Gwendlyn at age 17 (Kody and Christine) and Aurora Alice at age 16 (Robyn adopted by Kody).

The younger “triplet” cluster includes Ysabel at age 15, (Kody and Christine), Savanah at age 14 (Kody and Janelle), Breanna Rose at age 14 (Kody and Christine) and the babies are Solomon Kody, 7, and Arielle Mae, 3 — Kody and Robyn’s children

Sister Wives - The Kids

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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