Sister who fell out of the sky on ATL Homicide, plus Labor Day marathon details

Cassandra Bryant was killed and no one had a clue as to why or where she came from on ATL Homicide
Cassandra Bryant was killed and no one had a clue as to why or where she came from on ATL Homicide

The westside is the death side on tonights’ ATL Homicide. A horrific crime is waiting to be solved.

Detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez are directed to an apartment complex after Cassandra Bryant, age 38, is found barely clinging to life. Bryant was beaten to death and left by a dumpster on October 7, 2003, clinging to life before dying as the detectives scrambled.

“This sister needs some medical attention!’ says David Quinn as he and detective Vince Velazquez investigate the “sister who literally fell out of the sky,” according to Quinn.

When this poor victim dies before identifying her attacker, Atlanta homicide detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez are on the case to find the suspect.

Beginning from scratch, the detectives must collect evidence and begin their work as an ambulance arrives so that she can identify her attacker. But time is against them.

While canvassing the apartment complex, they stumble across one man who is defensive and refuses to invite them in. When they notice something is quite amiss and not adding up right in his apartment, they chase the lead with the intentions of finding Cassandra’s killer.

TV One shares with us that on the coming Labor Day holiday on September 3, every single episode of ATL Homicide will be played on TV One starting at 2 p.m. EST with a new episode premiering at 10/9C.

Grab the popcorn and settle in as each episode focuses on one dramatic murder case told in Quinn and Velazquez’s exact words as they recount each case step by step.

The audience is pulled into the action – as if it’s happening right at the moment.

Quinn and Velazquez are Atlanta’s most decorated Homicide detectives. They are ratings champs and TV One’s newest stars as the network begins to make noise in the true crime genre.

The series now ranks as TV One’s top-rated true crime series debut in three years among women and all audiences aged 25-54.

ATL Homicide airs Monday, August 27 at 10/9C on TV One.

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