Shahs of Sunset reunion: When does part two air?

MJ and Destiny at the Shahs of Sunset reunion
Part two of the reunion will bring more drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Shahs of Sunset may be over for the season, but the drama is still bubbling over. Part one of the reunion aired last week. While that may have been shocking for viewers, part two will conclude and give insight into where the reality stars stand as they move into 2019 in the coming weeks.

Part one of the Shahs of Sunset reunion was a doozy. Not only did Reza throw around the word divorce with Adam, but there was also a confrontation that left one star walking off the stage and exiting the building.

It looks like Reza and Adam have worked through their issues for now. They celebrated their anniversary shortly before the taping of the Shahs of Sunset reunion.

There was some discussion during the show about what happened between them and Reza did admit that he tossed around the word divorce. Fortunately, things appear to be moving forward.

After a confrontation with her Shahs of Sunset co-stars, GG stormed off the set. Viewers have been questioning if she will return, but it looks like she does show back up for the second half of the reunion.

She isn’t going to let them win and with a new business to promote, leaving the show behind isn’t exactly a good idea.

Now, when will viewers be able to see part two of the Shahs of Sunset reunion?

The second part of the reunion will air on Thursday, November 29. The skipped week is due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Shahs of Sunset returns with part two of the reunion on November 29 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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