‘Sexting’ model Plastic Martyr: Briana Renee ‘needs cheating storyline to stay relevant’ on Little Women: LA

Plastic Martyr posing for a photo with Christy Gibel
Plastic Martyr with Little Women: LA’s Christy Gibel last month. Pic: @plasticmartyr/Instagram

The transgender model who Briana Renee’s husband Matt Grundhoffer admitted sexting has said the Little Women: LA star “needs” his cheating storyline “to stay relevant on the show”.

Plastic Martyr, who last season claimed on the series that Matt had got in touch with her again after the initial scandal, wrote on Twitter: “She is in on his ‘Cheating’. She needs that story line to stay relevant on the show. #Desperate.”

Her comment comes after she earlier posted about Matt’s latest cheating scandal, which unfolded on the show, saying: “Some people never change. She deserves him. ❤.”

The latest scandal centered on claims that Matt had spent “hours” in a hotel with another woman while on a romantic trip to Alaska.

He later admitted kissing the barmaid, but appeared to blame Briana for his infidelity.

It comes after Matt was previously embroiled in the sexting scandal involving Plastic, who last month posted a picture of her and Little Women: LA star Christy Gibel on her Instagram saying: “Reunited with my bestie!”

Before that a woman called Makayla claimed Matt sent her “vulgar” text messages and nude pics.

This week’s Little Women: LA finale sees Briana and Matt seek marriage counseling, but she has to decide whether or not she wants to stay with him after all he’s done to her.

We revealed last week how the pair are still seemingly together.

This week’s season finale also sees Kerwin propose to Tonya Banks.

Little women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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