Salvation Season 3: Has the show been renewed or canceled?

Salvation season 2 ends tonight, but has CBS announced the third season yet? Pic credit: CBS

Salvation is coming to an end tonight, wrapping up an intense second season. The show follows a group of students and tech geniuses as they try to save the world from an approaching asteroid that’s set to crash into the Earth. While they keep the asteroid a secret in the first season, the information is leaked during the second season, which reveals the best and worst from frightened humans.

The show stars Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe, Jacqueline Byers, Melia Kreiling, Ashley Thomas, and Ian Anthony Dale.

Now that viewers will see the final episode of season 2 tonight, they are wondering whether Salvation will be renewed at CBS. Usually, the network is rather silent about renewals until much later. For example, season 2 of Salvation wasn’t confirmed until May of this year, just a few months before it was set to air. However, the ratings could have a definite impact on whether the show returns next summer.

The first season of Salvation had much better ratings than the second season. The second season’s ratings took a big dip, and these numbers could affect CBS’s decision to cancel the show and scrap the third season. The numbers reveal that the show is averaging a 0.33 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The show is also pulling in around 2.67 million viewers. Those numbers may sound high, but when comparing the numbers between season one and season two, the numbers have decreased tremendously. The numbers are down by 39% and 24% respectively.

As of right now, CBS has not announced any decision regarding Salvation, but season three could be canceled given the ratings. It could also be renewed if CBS has sold the rights internationally, giving the show a potential boost in ratings.

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Anthony Mears
Anthony Mears
2 years ago

They can´t stop :(