RZA murder case: How Bobby Diggs’ true story differs from Wu-Tang: An American Saga with Attila

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Actor Robert Clayton as Attila on Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Pic credit: Hulu screencap

On the Wu-Tang: An American Saga series on Hulu, viewers have seen the journey that Bobby Diggs (aka RZA) took to get to his role as leader of the hip-hop group. Part of that journey involved criminal activities, with much of his story drawn from real-life events.

Some viewers are wondering about a real-life RZA murder case after seeing what happened on the season finale. Keep in mind, spoilers will follow for those who aren’t familiar with his story or the finale of the show.

Bobby’s situation on Wu-Tang: An American Saga

On the season finale, viewers saw Bobby Diggs confront one of his toughest opponents, an imposing ex-con named Attila. Upon his release from prison, Attila picked up right where he left off in terms of committing crimes to make money. One of those crimes was breaking into Bobby’s crib and tossing the place before stealing all of his music.

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Attila later contacted Bobby and demanded he bring him the money he made for his single “Ooh We Love You Rakeem.” Bobby didn’t have that $60,000 that he supposedly made for it. That made a tense situation where Attila demanded he finds money in order to get back his tapes.


In Episode 10, viewers saw Bobby and Dennis go to handle things with Attila. That involved buying a gun and hiding out near his apartment building. Once Attila came out, Bobby ended up going up to him and shooting him in the shoulder before Attila could fire at him. Viewers never saw any of the aftermaths of that. Keep in mind, the episode was called “Assassination Day,” but it was never revealed that Attila died from being shot near the shoulder.

Fans are now waiting to see if there will be a Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 2 for how things turned out for Bobby with that Attila shooting. Viewers are learning what the real story was involving Bobby Diggs and an attempted murder case.

Bobby Diggs’ real-life charges for attempted murder

While Bobby shot a guy named Attila in New York on Wu-Tang: An American Saga, that never happened in Robert Diggs’ real life. Instead, there was a RZA murder case, or attempted murder case, because of a man he shot in Ohio.

According to Pittsburgh City Paper’s report, in 2013, Bobby Diggs talked about his true story in his book, The Tao of Wu. In the book, he recalls having to move from New York City to Steubenville, Ohio with his mother. It was during 1990, in his late teens, that his life became mixed with crimes involving drug dealing. He also ended up with a charge for attempted murder and was facing eight years behind bars.

In October 2018, Diggs spoke more about it at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Per AmbrosiaforHeads, RZA talked about how his charge came from a four-on-one situation and that it was “self defense.” He recalled how his mother looked at him with disappointment after he was arrested, but said it was his sister and family that rallied around him and bailed him out.

He also mentioned going to the law library to become educated on different cases similar to his so he could learn more about his defense options. He was ultimately acquitted just one year before Wu-Tang formed. The whole situation stuck with him and shaped him.

“I still injured that young man, and I regret that. I’m a man of peace; I don’t want to injure nobody. But let me get to the point: we went to trial and I won,” Diggs said during his A3C appearance. “The jury said not-guilty. And when I walked out, my mother looked me in my eye and said, ‘This is your second chance. Don’t blow it.'”

RZA Talks 'Wu-Tang: An American Saga'

Fortunately for him, the case ended with an acquittal and Bobby Diggs was free to continue on his path. That journey led to the formation of the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most popular and successful hip-hop groups of all-time.

Viewers can watch all 10 episodes of Wu-Tang: An American Saga on Hulu.

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Shouldn’t it be a bigger the fact that RZA DEFENDED HIMSELF AND WON?!