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Ricki Lake unmasked on The Masked Singer: How the pregnancy test, Emmy, mom of the flock, and 11:11 fit into her life

Ricki Lake was revealed to be behind the raven’s mask on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX

Ricki Lake was unmasked during tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer. Lake, who had provided clues about her life throughout the previous episodes, revealed herself to be the raven.

During tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, Ricki Lake revealed that she had spent her life talking to people, which she did with her talk show for years. She also talked about birthing you and being a mom to her flock, which was a reference to her two sons, Milo Sebastian Sussman and Owen Tyler Sussman.

The 11:11 reference appeared to throw off the judges a bit, but Lake has actually tweeted about 11:11 after losing her ex-husband to suicide. It’s usually used to remind people to make a wish and open up to more opportunities. Some argue that 11:11 means that the universe is trying to draw attention to something.

As for the Emmy clue, she actually won an Emmy in 2013 for Outstanding Talk Show Host for The Ricki Lake Show. She was nominated for the same award in 1994.

Here at Monsters & Critics, we had previously guessed that Ricki Lake was behind the raven costume.

Throughout the show, Lake had talked about overcoming hardships and we documented the suicide of her ex-husband back in 2017. She also made the comment “Don’t cry baby,” a reference to the 1990 movie Cry Baby.

More clues included the year 1968, which was the year she was born, and references to a small town. Ricki was born in Hastings-on-Hudson, which has less than 10,000 residents.

Another hint was the actual raven, which could have been a link to the Baltimore Ravens. Lake starred in the movie Hairspray from 1988, which took place exclusively in Baltimore.

Before the show tonight, FOX released another clue, which was a positive pregnancy test. The pregnancy test could have been a clue to a movie project she worked on called The Business of Being Born from 2008. Ricki Lake actually documents her second birth during the movie.

The Business of Being Born was created because Ricki Lake wanted to find answers after she herself experienced a disappointing birth experience with her first child. She recruited filmmaker Abby Epstein, who happens to learn she’s pregnant while filming the movie. The twist is that she learns that the life of her child is on the line.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX.

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