Rich Dollaz’ baby mama Miracle shot her husband and now he has to step up for daughter Ashley

Rich Dollaz in the confessional on Love & Hip Hop
Rich Dollaz has to step up for his daughter Ashley. Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop, Rich Dollaz met with his mom to talk about his baby mama Miracle and what he needs to do for his daughter Ashley.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Rich Dollaz’ baby mama Miracle Kaye Hall is facing possible prison time after shooting her husband. To make matters worse, we learned from Rich that it was Miracle’s daughter Ashley who took her stepfather to the hospital.

Now, Miracle is dealing with all of the legal ramifications related to the shooting. While she claimed self defense and her husband didn’t want to press charges, because of the nature of the crime, the state opted to press forward anyway.

Miracle was charged with domestic violence-aggravated assault and when faced with a plea deal, she decided to take the case to court and try to beat the charges.

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When Rich Dollaz told his mom what was going on with Ashley and her mother, Miracle, she wasn’t happy. She made it clear to Rich that now is the time to step up and to “be a rock” for his daughter when she needs him the most.

Clearly, that is what happens because, as we saw in the Season 9 Super Trailer, Miracle and Ashley will both be making appearances this season as Rich acts as a support for them both.

There are still questions about how Miracle Kaye Hall’s legal issues played out and while that’s not clear, it does seem that she’s still not behind bars. Rich shared another new photo featuring himself, Miracle and Ashley as the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop played out.

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