Young Bae calls out Ted from Black Ink Crew: ‘Teddy got like 20 million women’

Young Bae in the confessional on Season 7 of Black Ink Crew
Young Bae would never date Ted from Black Ink Crew. Pic credit: VH1

One thing Black Ink Crew viewers know is that Young Bae doesn’t take any crap from anybody. That’s something she made clear again in a recent interview on The Domenick Nati Show.

The cast of the VH1 hit is known for hard partying, hooking up, fighting and through all of that, making tons and tons of drama. Knowing about the shop’s history, it’s no surprise that Nati asked Young Bae about her dating preferences, even though she’s already romantically linked to her baby daddy Rob.

“Which guy on Black Ink Crew would you never consider dating,” Nati asked Bae.

Without hesitation, Young Bae answered, “I would say Teddy because Teddy got like 20 million women so…..yeah. I can’t deal with that.”

It’s funny that Bae brings that up just one day prior to the upcoming episode, where Ted is still dealing with the fallout of dating multiple women from the shop. The synopsis for the next episode says, “Jadah gets revenge on Ted after finding out that he’s officially dating Tati.”

He’s already had a fling with Sky Days quite some time ago. That caused a bit of drama last season when Jadah started messing around with the shop manager.

Jadah attacked Tati in Miami last season when she heard that another Black Ink Crew woman was moving in on Ted. That didn’t sway Tati from continuing to her pursuit. She even asked Sky’s permission to date him in an attempt to stop any further shop drama.

When Jadah showed up to New Orleans at the beginning of Season 7 where Ceaser and his crew were setting up the new shop, Ted got irritated and fired her.

He said it’s because she showed up when she wasn’t invited and started drama but Jadah was invited by Kitty and it was Tati that kicked off the drama this time. It’s pretty obvious that he just wanted to get Jadah out of the way of this blossoming relationship.

Unfortunately for Ted, firing Jadah didn’t make her go away.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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