Will Lindsay Lohan join Real Housewives of Dubai cast? Andy Cohen weighs in

Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be joining Real Housewives of Dubai cast
Andy Cohen has heard those Lindsay Lohan rumors about Real Housewives of Dubai. Pic credit: ©

Bravo viewers are excited for the upcoming Real Housewives of Dubai after Andy Cohen announced that we’d be heading out of the U.S. for the next city to be featured.

It’s a city that could potentially feature housewives so rich that they would make The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast look common, something that Bravo fans have both cheered about and criticized. Still, there’s no doubt the show will be casting some very wealthy, fabulous women.

There have been plenty of rumors about who could and should join the upcoming Dubai cast, and one really famous name keeps popping up — Lindsay Lohan. But will the Mean Girls star become a part of the Bravo family? Andy Cohen has heard the casting rumors, and now, the king of Bravo is weighing in.

Lindsay Lohan rumored to be joining Real Housewives of Dubai cast

Lindsay Lohan famously lives in Dubai and even had her own reality show at one point that focused on her interesting home and life abroad called Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which aired very briefly on MTV.

So when Andy Cohen announced that Bravo would be filming a new show there, instantly, many started wondering if Lindsay would be taking part.

After all, Lindsay would make for really great reality TV, and she’s very famous, which would only help the new show gain popularity as the first season kicks off.

But it looks like Lindsay becoming a Bravo star isn’t in the cards, or at least not yet, according to Andy Cohen himself.

After news of the new Real Housewives city was announced, TMZ caught up with Andy and asked him if Lindsay would be on the show.

It turns out that she won’t be joining the cast for the premiere season but don’t count her out in the future.

“I love that idea!” Andy told TMZ. “Do you think she would do it?”

Real Housewives of Dubai cast already picked

According to Andy, the Real Housewives of Dubai cast has already been put together, making sense since the show’s announcement will be airing next year. If they haven’t filmed already, filming will have to happen very soon.

So even though many potential viewers are interested in seeing Lindsay Lohan join the cast, it’s too late for her to be a part of the first season.

One big name that has popped up as a potential Dubai cast member is Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury. That’s still just speculation, though, as Bravo hasn’t announced any of the new cast officially yet.

The Real Housewives of Dubai will debut in 2022 on Bravo.

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