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Will Dutchess leave Ceaser on Black Ink Crew?

Could Dutchess walk for good? Find out on Black Ink Crew
Could Dutchess walk for good?

This week on Black Ink Crew, the sh*t hits the fan when Ceaser is accused of sleeping with another woman and getting her pregnant!

A girl comes into the shop and tell Dutchess that Ceaser got her sister pregnant and then paid for her to get an abortion.

Needless to say this goes down like a lead balloon with Dutchess, who seems to buy the story and storms off.

This angry woman claims Ceaser got her sister pregnant
This angry woman claims Ceaser got her sister pregnant

Ceaser admits he slept with a girl but just that one time and before he and Dutchess were engaged. He also admits it was a major f***-up, but now he is on straight and narrow.

He looks really worried as he knows how stubborn Dutchess can be, just as he’s chatting it over with Ted she calls and says she needs some space.

Will they sort it out?

Meantime, Sky has a scary blast from the past and Young Bae is looking for love.

Black Ink Crew – The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing at 8:00 PM on VH1.

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