Wildcard Competition on Big Brother 23: Who is playing for safety?

Big Brother 23 Cast Members
The Big Brother 23 cast is now playing the game and things are buzzing in the house Pic credit: CBS

The Wildcard Competition was revealed to the Big Brother 23 cast today, shaking things up a bit as someone else is going to gain safety very soon.

With this new challenge, each of the three losing teams sends one person into the Big Brother Wildcard Competition. The winner of that challenge gains safety for the week, meaning the Head of Household can no longer nominate them for eviction.

The twist with the Wildcard Competition is that even though someone can gain safety, their teammates will still be at risk of getting nominated for eviction. And that’s not all. Host Julie Chen Moonves also hinted that there could be punishments dolled out on the rest of the house.

On the season premiere, the BB23 cast was split up into four teams. They all played in an HOH Competition to figure out who was going to be safe and it was the team of Brandon “Frenchie” French, Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier that ended up winning.

Frenchie is now the HOH and his team is named The Jokers. As winners of that first HOH Competition, Azah, Britini, and Derek F also gained safety for now.

Who is playing in the Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition?

The feeds went down for a bit on Thursday afternoon and when they came back up, the BB23 cast was buzzing a bit. It was clear that they had not expected a twist like this coming up before the Nomination Ceremony.

The three people that were revealed to be playing in the first Wildcard Competition are Kyland Young (Team Queens), Christian Birkenberger (Team Kings), and possibly Hannah Chaddha (Team Aces). It wasn’t made completely clear who Team Aces had chosen to send in during the brief time the feeds came back, but we will update if it turns out to not be Hannah.

Hopefully, we will find out who has won safety when the Big Brother live feeds come back on later this evening.

More drama from the Big Brother live feeds

Frenchie was having a lot of chats overnight about how he might be approaching the first Nomination Ceremony of the season. He mentioned to a number of people that he was willing to put two pawns on the block and go for a true backdoor eviction.

We hazarded a guess about Frenchie’s nominees based on the information at hand, but the Nomination Ceremony will take place after the Wildcard Competition.

And there were several times where Frenchie brought up how much he despised some people from BB21. He named Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews and even talked straight to one of the house cameras at one point about how much he disliked them.

We also got to see the Big Brother 23 Have-Not Room when people moved in. It looks extremely uncomfortable for the four people forced to reside there this week.

There is no new episode of the show on July 8, but the Big Brother TV schedule does have more episodes to come.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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