Big Brother 23 spoilers: Who is HOH Frenchie targeting for eviction?

Frenchie Enters BB23 House
Brandon “Frenchie” French is the first Head of Household for the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 spoilers hint at who the Head of Household is going to nominate for eviction this week. Frenchie won the HOH powers during the season premiere, and he will then be tasked with naming two nominees to go on the block.

The BB23 house has also been split up into four teams, with the team of the HOH being safe for the week. This means that Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier are also going to escape the block during Week 1.

A lot of discussions have already been taking place on the Big Brother live feeds between Frenchie and other BB23 cast members. He is developing some strong relationships with a number of them, including Derek Xiao. Connecting with Frenchie could keep people off the block.

The Wildcard Competition will likely take place before the Nomination Ceremony. We thought it was going to be during the premiere, but it may play out on July 8 in the house instead. To summarize what’s going to happen, a person from one of the three losing teams can also gain safety for the week – so Frenchie cannot nominate them.

Tentative nomination plans by HOH Frenchie

Just after 2 a.m. house time on July 8, Frenchie could be seen talking to Sarah Beth Steagall, Britini, Alyssa Lopez, and Tiffany Mitchell on the Big Brother live feeds about possible nominees. Three of them are outside of his alliance, so it’s a big deal that he is letting a lot of people in on potential plans.

Frenchie said that he does not want to put a woman on the block and that he is planning a true backdoor eviction. To backdoor someone would mean that they would not get nominated at first and that they would not play in the Veto Competition. That person would then be used as a replacement nominee after someone else used the Power of Veto.

It was clear that Frenchie didn’t want to spread the name of the person he has in mind for that backdoor since it is just Day 1 in the house, but this is the information we expect him to share with his team very soon.

Who will Frenchie target for eviction?

Just based on who Frenchie has been chatting with on the live feeds, who is on his team, and how he has been addressing topics in the house, we are going to hazard a guess at who might be at risk of getting sent home at the first Eviction Ceremony.

Brent Champagne and Travis Long could be nominated, with the plan being to then backdoor Christian Birkenberger. Again, this is just a guess based on what Frenchie has been saying in the house and not names that he has officially pinned down yet. Any one of those three guys could end up being a primary target.

What Frenchie did tell some people close to him is that he wants to get some pawns ready for the Nomination Ceremony and that he doesn’t really care if they get upset at him for being pawns.

Stay tuned, because we will make sure to pass on the specific Big Brother 23 spoilers about his nominees as soon as the Nomination Ceremony takes place. But right now it definitely appears that Frenchie wants to keep all eight women safe and that he wants pawns that will help him backdoor a specific target.

As a reminder, there is no July 8 episode, so CBS viewers will have to wait a bit longer for the Big Brother TV schedule to show the upcoming Nomination Ceremony.

Big Brother 23 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.

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