Who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 8 tonight? TJ reveals surprising elimination details

kailah josh nelson the challenge total madness
Kailah, Josh, and Nelson prepare for another competition on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

On the latest episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, players were back at it in an actual competitive event. Also, at least one more competitor packed up all their stuff and had to leave the game.

In the previous installment, it was Jenna eliminating Tori. In tonight’s episode, another elimination took place for the guys, and TJ threw something extra in.

Here’s a recap of who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 8 tonight.

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Decontamination challenge

The last episode had no actual competitive challenge, but tonight’s did. The latest competition is called Decontamination. It is played individually with competitors wearing protective suits and gear.

They rush into a fake hazard chamber full of foam, making it hard for them to look through windows. They have to look out at flashing colored lights to memorize the order they’re in. Then they race out and stack large colored discs in the order they memorized.

The fastest guy and girl to get it done would win and form Tribunal. They’d choose a third person to be part of it.

TJ also announced a major detail for the guys’ elimination. It will be double elimination. Two guys would get Red Skulls, and two guys would go home.

The two fastest women were Big T and Mattie, but Mattie ended up getting it faster. For the men, it came down to Wes and Bananas. Wes wins it, and after consulting with Mattie, they choose Bananas to join them.

Tribunal meets to choose four nominations

The votes go mostly towards Fessy, Bear, and Nelson. After the two rounds of voting, the group nominates Fessy and Nelson. Fessy gets voted just because he’s one of the last rookie guys. Nelson gets voted because he tried to make promises to too many other people in the room, and he gets exposed.

During the group’s night out, Nelson calls Kyle a “p—y” which leads to shoving in the bar. It gets broken up, but they keep shouting at each other with Melissa also involved.

Big T comes home acting funny after drinking too much. She ends up cutting her foot on part of her bed, and it’s bloodied up. That sends Big T to the hospital. She comes back bandaged up and using crutches to stay off the foot.

The Tribunal of Bananas, Mattie, and Wes meets up. They choose Bear, Jordan, Cory, and Kyle to interrogate ahead of elimination. Wes also says he may go in himself, depending on what it is.

Double elimination results

It’s the classic Pole Wrestle for the latest elimination where competitors have to try to wrestle a pole from one another. Neither Wes nor Bananas wants anything to do with Fessy. They send in Jordan.

Neither Wes nor Bananas want to go against Nelson. Wes votes for Bear, but Bananas votes for Cory. Mattie has the deciding vote and sends in Bear.

The Challenge rookie Fessy easily gets it away from Jordan on the first heat. On the second, they crash outside the circle, and Fessy lands on Jordan, who hurts his shoulder. After Jordan shakes off the pain, Fessy wins another, and Jordan’s going home.

Nelson and Bear have much more of a struggle. Nelson wins the first round. Bear tries to use some tricks in the second round, but Nelson still gets it. Bear is going home, and Kailah’s upset.

That means Red Skulls for Nelson and Fessy, who will also head back to the house hungry to take out some people who sent them in.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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