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Who makes it to hometown dates on The Bachelorette?

Hannah B
Hannah B has chosen her final four on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Hannah B is heading to hometowns next week for four special dates, where she gets to meet the families of her final guys.

As she’s revealed on The Bachelorette, this is a big deal for her as she knows how important it is for the men to open up their families to the public world of the show.

During last night’s episode, Hannah said goodbye to Connor S, Mike, and Garrett, leaving just four guys left.

Without further ado, here are the final guys who will make it to hometown dates.

Luke P

Luke P
Luke P will get a hometown date. Pic credit: ABC/Ed Herrera

Yes, Luke P is still around and he is excited about hometown dates. He will get to show Hannah around his hometown and he appeared very excited to introduce Hannah to his family. Even though many viewers are hoping he will be sent home soon, Hannah continues to see something in him.

Tyler C

Tyler C
Tyler C will get a hometown date. Pic credit: ABC/Ed Herrera

Tyler C remains one of the viewers’ frontrunners, as he’s honest, into Hannah, and appears to be on the show for all the right reasons. He’s also opening up about his feelings about her, sharing that he sees a future with her. It only makes sense that he’s getting a hometown date.


Peter will get a hometown date. Pic credit: ABC/Ed Herrera

Another person who will get a hometown date is the ever-positive Peter. The pilot has had a great time on The Bachelorette, bonding with Hannah and building his relationship with her. And he’s had some laughable moments, including an awkward make-out on a pool table and in a sauna, but viewers love him.


Jed will get a hometown date. Pic credit: ABC/Ed Herrera

The last person to get a hometown date is Jed. Jed is the current frontrunner, the man with the guitar. But given his recent headlines in the media about having a girlfriend, it’s possible that the outcome with him may not be what Hannah is hoping for.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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