Who is the quarterback Camille from Below Deck dated?

Camille Lamb on Below Deck Season 10.
Camille opened up about dating a famous quarterback on Below Deck Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

The quarterback ex-boyfriend of Camille Lamb from Below Deck has become one hot topic after she mentioned she dated a famous college quarterback on the show.

Season 10 of Below Deck has only just begun, but Camille has already made some waves.

The blonde beauty has been clashing with stew Alissa Humber over work on-screen.

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Off-screen, Camille’s appearance on American Idol and famous college quarterback ex has had social media buzzing.

Although Camille hasn’t mentioned his name on the show, she has declared he cheated on her several times.

It turns out the guy didn’t just play college football. He also briefly played in the NFL.

Who is Camille from Below Deck’s quarterback ex-boyfriend?

Although she’s currently single, Camille was attached to Shea Patterson, who was a quarterback during her days at the University of Mississippi (aka Ole Miss). Below Deck viewers will recall Camille referred to herself as a small-town girl from Mississippi on the premiere episode.

Larry Brown Sports says Camille and Shea were together in 2016 as it discusses his help in upsetting Texas A&M that year.

They were still together in 2017, as Camille shared a Facebook post thanking Shea for celebrating her birthday with her. The couple reportedly broke up when Shea transferred to the University of Michigan.

After graduation, Shea signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, but his career was short-lived. By July of that year, Shea was waivered and became a free agent. These days, Shea plays in the USLF league for the Michigan Panthers.

Football wasn’t Shea’s only sport, either. Major League Baseball team Texas Rangers signed him in the 39th round. Despite signing a six-year contract, Shea has not played baseball for them or anyone else since his high school days.

In terms of his personal life, Shea appears to keep that under wraps. There’s no mention of his love life on his Instagram feed.

Below Deck viewers react to Camille Lamb’s relationship

Twitter was buzzing last night with Below Deck viewers throwing shade at Camille, saying she dated a famous college quarterback.

One user dissed Camille for bragging about it.

A different one wasn’t thrilled with Camille bringing it up on the show.

Camille Lamb from Below Deck has made quite the impression on viewers, and the show’s only two episodes into Season 10. The blonde beauty’s reveal about her romance with a college quarterback did little to earn her points from viewers as well.

Shea has yet to comment or even confirm his relationship with the yachtie.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Bravo.

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