Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach reacts to Eddie Lucas’ pay and never returning to show remarks

Captain Lee Rosbach and Eddie Lucas Below Deck confessionals.
Captain Lee has some thoughts about his pal Eddie. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star, Captain Lee Rosbach has reacted to Eddie Lucas’ salary comments as well as the first officer not returning to the show.

Captain Lee and Eddie have been pals since Season 1 of Below Deck.

They appeared on five seasons of the hit yachting show together before Eddie put Bravo on blast last spring.

Eddie admitted he wasn’t asked back for Season 10 of Below Deck, then declared the Below Deck cast gets paid peanuts compared to the Real Housewives stars.

The stud of the sea kept quiet on Eddie’s words when a media frenzy erupted over him taking on Bravo.

Now, as Season 10 kicks off, Captain Lee has weighed in on Eddie and what went down last spring.

Captain Lee Rosbach opens up about Eddie Lucas not being on Below Deck

The OG captain opened up to Us Weekly to spill some tea on the upcoming season and his current crewmembers.

Despite Eddie not being on the season, Captain Lee was asked to weigh in on Eddie’s salary comments and his not being asked back for another season. The captain glossed over the pay comments, simply sharing that he had heard what Eddie said on the subject.

When it came to whether or not he thought Eddie would be back on the yachting show, Captain Lee had some interesting thoughts.

“Never say never because things change. Attitudes change. I used to like Coca-Cola, and now I don’t care for it so much. You’re gonna morph into something different as time goes on,” he expressed. “Never’s a big word and it’s a very long time.”

Captain Lee wasted no time revealing that he would absolutely work with Eddie again if the latter was willing to do another season.

Below Deck stars Captain Lee Rosbach and Eddie Lucas reunite for fan event

There’s nothing but love between Eddie and the captain these days.

In October, ahead of BravoCon, Eddie and Captain Lee got together to spend a night with fans and catch up. They were joined by Below Deck Mediterranean alum Colin Macy-O’Toole in Stamford, Connecticut, for a Q&A and VIP backstage meet and greet.

Colin and Captain Lee used social media to document the night, with both of them gushing over not only seeing the fans but getting a chance to hang with each other. The stud of the sea even used Twitter to respond to fans who gushed over the night.

The wait’s finally over for Below Deck Season 10. Although Captain Lee Rosbach won’t have his pal Eddie Lucas by his side this season, the captain doesn’t believe they will ever share the small screen again.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Lending club
Lending club
1 year ago

This is just my opinion but I think the real reason why Eddie did not want to come back it’s because you can’t feel like you have ownership When Captain Lee is in power.
is in power he just takes over like no one knows what they’re doing he doesn’t give him a chance to figure anything out and who can work under those conditions