Who is Ryan on The Bachelorette? What to know about the environmental consultant and where to find him on Instagram

Ryan Fox on The Bachelorette
Ryan Fox makes his debut on The Bachelorette Season 18. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young is ready to meet 30 eligible bachelors and possibly find her true love on The Bachelorette Season 18. 

As Bachelor Nation gets introduced to Michelle’s bevy of suitors, some of these men have the potential to make their mark and become stars within the Bachelor franchise, just like Michelle, who became a fan-favorite star during Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

With so many men to meet, we’re giving all the details about each man and where to follow them on social media as they embark on their love journey with Michelle. 

Here’s everything to know about Ryan Fox. 

Who is Ryan Fox? 

Ryan Fox is a 30-year-old environmental consultant from San Jose, California who describes himself as compassionate, competitive and motivated. 

According to the Environmental Careers Organization, Ryan’s job as an environmental consultant is to help companies lower their environmental impact in areas such as soil contamination, water pollution, air quality, and waste management. 

Ryan’s family owns a raisin ranch in central California and it’s a dream of Ryan’s to finally bring a woman to the ranch and romantically enjoy a sunset. 

For Ryan, the perfect woman encompasses several compelling qualities that include being intelligent, down-to-earth, healthy and a girl-next-door type with a big heart. 

Other fun facts about Ryan are that he loves spreadsheets, cuddling, and is obsessed with ice cream trucks. 

Interestingly, Ryan’s bio emphasizes that he’s a planner and creates lists for everything, including his love life. 

Ryan’s need to calculate everything he does could be a hint that he’s the man who is caught planning out his every move on The Bachelorette as was teased in the trailers. Only time will tell if Ryan is indeed the culprit. 

Find Ryan Fox on Instagram 

You can follow Ryan at @ryanmichaelfox on Instagram.

According to his page, Ryan enjoys football, CrossFit, being outdoors, and looking dapper in suits. His bio features the quote, “Attitude is equally as important as ability.”

Ryan also seems to be well-traveled and documented his trips to Bangkok, Thailand and London among others. 

It also appears that Ryan is no stranger to The Bachelor franchise as he participated on The Bachelor Live on Stage in February 2020 and even has a photo with Bachelor alum, Ben Higgins. 

It remains to be seen if Ryan’s planning and prior experience with The Bachelor franchise will help or hurt him as he pursues Michelle.

What do you think of Ryan Fox and his potential with Michelle?

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

Gotta LOL. An “Environmental consultant” who owns a “raisin ranch.”

He’s a raisin herder, and his daddy was a raisin herder before him. “Hey y’all, I advise against dumping your toxic waste into the river.”

Whatta guy. Wow. This hard-working hero is in no way a fluffy puff of ridiculous media nothingness.