Who is Leroy on The Bachelorette? What to know about the biomedical Ph.D. student and where to find him on Instagram

Leroy Arthur made his debut on The Bachelorette Season 18. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young met 30 eligible bachelors during The Bachelorette Season 18 premiere and she’s on track to possibly find her true love among this large group of men. 

As Bachelor Nation gets introduced to Michelle’s bevy of suitors, some of these men have the potential to really make their mark and become stars within the Bachelor franchise, just like Michelle, who became a fan-favorite star during Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

With so many men to get to know this season, we’re giving all the details about each man and where to follow them on social media as they embark on their love journey with Michelle. 

Here’s everything to know about Leroy Arthur.

Who is Leroy Arthur?

Leroy Arthur is a very accomplished 27-year-old from Dallas, Texas. 

Leroy is both a biomedical Ph.D. student and a stunning fashion model which encapsulates his versatility as an academic and a fun fashion-forward guy. 

While Leroy currently resides in Texas, he’s traveled quite a bit before landing in the United States. Leroy was born in Italy and his family is originally from Ghana, and Leroy is very proud of his Ghanian roots. 

Leroy has a lot to offer including being an extremely hard worker and a man who dates with intention. 

For Leroy, the ideal woman will be supportive and encourage him to be his true self. Michelle Young has shown that she inspires the men to be vulnerable as was shown in The Bachelorette Season 18 premiere when she got Nayte Olukoya to open up about his family.

Leroy’s ideal woman would also be a good brunch partner since he loves brunch and breakfast in bed. He also really cherishes holding hands with the special woman in his life. 

Find Leroy Arthur on Instagram 

You can follow Leroy at @leroyandretti on Instagram. 

Leroy lists himself as a fashion model in his bio and she shares tons of striking shots from his photoshoots. 

Leroy also seems like he enjoys fun thrills like go-karting and skydiving. His page also indicates that he’s family-oriented and spends his time with those he loves. 

Leroy has beauty and brains and time will tell how far that takes him with Michelle. What do you think of Leroy Arthur and his potential with Michelle?

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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