Who is Kristen Cruz on America’s Got Talent and where can you find her on Instagram?

Kristen Cruz on America's Got Talent
Kristen Cruz on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

There have been some great singers on America’s Got Talent this season.

Lee Collinson debuted as a singer from Britain who traveled to America and impressed all the judges. Sara James was a little girl from the audience who came up and won the golden buzzer.

However, Kristen Cruz was a girl who was discovered on TikTok and decided to take a chance and audition on America’s Got Talent.

Here is what you need to know about Kristen Cruz from America’s Got Talent.

Who is Kristen Cruz on America’s Got Talent?

Kristen Cruz is a 19-year-old singer from Texas. She made her name with viral videos on TikTok, where she covers pop, soul, and Christian songs – often while making iced coffee.

She started doing this while she was in quarantine during COVID-19.

She has one song – a cover of Miley Cyrus’s Nothing Breaks Like a Heart – that has almost 29 million views and 6.3 million likes.

Before she came out, she talked to Terry Crew about how they have similar last names but spelled differently. She then said she never had the confidence to audition until she saw people loved her TikTok videos.

She then said she wanted to inspire people to try and not be the industry standard.

She sang the song I See Red by Everybody Loves An Outlaw.

Heidi and Sophia both said they wanted her voice and they said she was powerful and sexy when she was singing.

It is fun to watch her sing songs while she is making drinks.

Simon then said that a lot of singers come out overconfident and are dreadful. However, he said Kristen came out and had a voice that he called “seasoned.” He complimented her range and tone and he complimented her taste in music choice.

She then got all four “yes” votes from the judges.

Where can you find Kristen Cruz on Instagram?

Fans can follow Kristen Cruz on Instagram at @kristenncruz.

She has 249,000 followers and 82 posts. Her bio reads, “I sing a little. Jesus is king!”

If you thought this was a perfect act for TikTok, you would be right. She is also there at @kristenncruz. She has 2.2 million followers and over 47 million likes.

She had a post before the episode today with her curling her hair while singing. She wrote in the caption, “watch me on agt tonight!!”

America’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday nights, at 8/7c, on NBC.

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1 year ago

Kristy , your bad ass , from one singer to another , keep going you should be very successfull , put prrsuit with the talent you already have , you’ll be successful ,Believe it!!