Who is Kim Spradlin-Wolfe from Survivor: Winners at War cast?

Kim On Survivor
Kim Spradlin is on the Survivor 40 cast. Pic credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe was invited to be a member of the Survivor: Winners at War cast, and she jumped at the chance.

Often mentioned as one of the best players the game has seen, can Kim become a two-time winner of the reality competition show?

It’s fun that the opening episode for Survivor 40 is called Greatest of the Greats — which perfectly describes the Season 40 cast of former winners.

Someone is about to join Sandra Diaz-Twine as the only two people who have won the show twice. That is… unless Sandra wins this season as well to become the first three-time winner.

Who is Kim Spradlin-Wolfe on Survivor: Winners at War cast?

Kim appeared on Survivor: One World and did quite well on Season 24 of the show. This was the spring 2012 installment on CBS, and it was a season where three people went in front of the jury.

By a 7-2 vote over Sabrina Thompson, Kim won the $1 million prize. Chelsea Meissner — who also made it to the “final three” vote and had a chance to win at the Reunion Show — did not receive any jury votes.

Other notable castaways who appeared on Survivor 24 included Michael Jefferson (he would later appear on Naked and Afraid), Kat Edorsson, Colton Cumbie, and Monica Culpepper.

The latter three would all return to be members of the Survivor: Blood vs. Water cast.

Kim didn’t take part in any other season, but she now returns as a part of the Survivor 40 cast to try to add to her status as one of the legends of the game.

Can Kim Spradlin become the Winners at War winner?

Kim got married to Bryan Wolfe after her appearance on Survivor: One World, and, since then, they have had three children together.

It has been a busy time for Kim since she was last on a beach for Survivor, so she likely felt that she had a lot to prove when she agreed to do the show again.

Below is the promotional video for Kim for Survivor 40, where she speaks about One World, how her game is based on intuition, and some of the strategies that could apply this time around. It also features a segment from host Jeff Probst, who speaks about her return to the show.

It’s exciting that Kim Spradlin is back on the show, and it will be interesting to see how she maneuvers some of the changes that have arrived for Survivor 40.

One of the new twists is that Fire Tokens will be used as a form of currency. Can she find a way to use that to her advantage? Tune in for the premiere on February 12 to start finding out!

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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