Who is Cassidy Timbrooks’ ex-boyfriend or ‘friend with benefits’ back home?

Cassidy Timbrooks & Clayton Echard
Cassidy Timbrooks’ rose is revoked when Clayton surprisingly sends her home. Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy Timbrook is the only contestant in The Bachelor history to receive a rose from The Bachelor and then have it stripped away and sent home.

So who is this mystery man that has caused so much controversy in the house and disintegrated the trust between Clayton and Cassidy?

Who is Cassidy Timbrooks’ mystery man?

Everyone is dying to find out just who Cassidy had on the back burner back home, waiting for her if things don’t work out—her “friend with benefits,” as it was said on the show. However, it seems fans will have to keep on waiting because Cassidy has kept a tight lip on whoever this guy is.

On The Bachelor, her man waiting back at home was described as more of a “friends with benefits” situation rather than an actual boyfriend, making his identity even more of a mystery. And so far, no one from her home state of Arizona has stepped up to say that he was that guy.

Cassidy has currently not offered up any information herself about this “friend with benefits,” but as fans, we can sure make our guesses.

Is he on her Instagram?

Cassidy has a post up from Fourth of July weekend, a time she spent out on the lake with friends and maybe the mystery man himself. She is seen snuggling up to one guy, in particular, and has photos with others.

Could one of these men be the guy who helped ruin Cassidy’s chances on The Bachelor and finding love with Clayton? Check out Cassidy’s photo dump from this past summer to see if you can possibly pick out her past lover.

Fans watched in Episode 2 as Sierra Jackson, another contestant on Clayton Echard’s season, went and told him that Cassidy had been FaceTiming with a guy back home just hours before meeting Clayton.

Then in Episode 3, on Monday night, Clayton approached Cassidy and confronted her about this blindsiding news. Previously, Clayton spoke with host Jesse Palmer and asked Jesse if anyone had ever taken back a rose. Cassidy is known for this incident and for being a villain in this season of The Bachelor, as she caused unnecessary drama.

Fans might just have to wait a bit longer until this mystery is solved, unfortunately. Unless, of course, the man of the hour would like to step forward and announce his name to Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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