The Bachelor: Sierra Jackson calls out Cassidy Timbrooks for her ‘nasty behavior’, opens up on why she told Clayton Echard

Season 26 contestant Sierra Jackson calls out Cassidy Timbrook’s for her “nasty behavior” on the latest episode. Pic credit: ABC

The latest episode of The Bachelor proved drama-filled, but Season 26 contestant Sierra Jackson is calling out Cassidy Timbrooks for the “nasty behavior” the cameras didn’t catch.

The 26-year-old opened up in a conversation with Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson about Cassidy’s off-camera behavior and why she took it upon herself to bring up Cassidy’s fling back home to Clayton Echard’s attention.

Sierra Jackson calls out Cassidy Timbrooks for her ‘nasty behavior’

Speaking on the Talking it Out podcast, the Dallas native detailed Cassidy Timbrook’s “nasty behavior” following her snagging the first group rose of the season.

“She was not humble. She was flaunting that she got a rose, she was asking other women, ‘what’s your exit interview gonna be’ insinuating they were going to go home,” Jackson explained on the January 13th episode.

“She’s like waving it around, smelling it, just very nasty behavior, just shoving it in everyone’s face,” The Bachelor alum explained later in the interview.

“It’s tacky. It’s very mean, arrogant [while she has the rose],” Sierra added.

Sierra Jackson opened up on why she went to Clayton Echard

While Sierra went on to clarify it’s okay to have friends-with-benefits and “be sexually free,” the part she had an issue with was the fling was deeper than Cassidy let on.

On and off for over a year, Jackson revealed that Cassidy developed feelings for her fling, but the feeling wasn’t mutual at first.

Keeping their connection unofficial, Sierra explained, “This is why I had to tell Clayton because it wasn’t about f******g someone before you came on the show, that’s not what it was about. She had an emotional attachment with somebody before she went on the show, and now she’s supposed to be getting married.”

“You wanted to date, he didn’t want to date. Now he wants to date you, but you’re going on a show so it’s an inconvenient time,” the Texas native continued. “You’re going to see him as soon as you get home from the show, it’s like, clearly there is something there.”

She concluded, “I wanted to tell Clayton because it’s not just a hit it and quit it, it’s a whole thing.”

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The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24th at 8/7c on ABC. 

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