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Who gets fired on Below Deck this season? Crew member gets kicked off boat, but who?

Kate Chastain talking through a closed door and Captain Lee on Below Deck
Kate Chastain gives an ultimatum to someone behind a closed door and, inset, Captain Lee has an emotional moment as the drama unfolds on Below Deck Season 6. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo’s Below Deck amps up the tension this season as a near-death accident and apparent gobsmacking firing bring drama to the glistening waters of Tahiti.

Even the stalwart Captain Lee Rosbach breaks down in a rare show of vulnerability during a touching confessional interview about the season.

Fans are burning up social media with rampant speculation about Season 6, and one of the big questions is who gets fired?

It’s no secret that The Stud of the Sea, Captain Lee, takes no guff on board his vessel. But who raises his hackles?

It’s only speculation at this point, but an explosive spoiler video drops plenty of clues about the unlucky party’s identity.

The most likely candidates based on the trailer include Chandler Brooks, Ross Inia and Rhylee Gerber.

Rhylee and Ross are deckhands, which means they toil on the outside of the boat rather than the inside where the stewards and stewardesses reign supreme. Chandler is the bosun, meaning he’s their direct boss. Uh oh!

We already know that Rhylee has a rumored colorful, checkered past. Plus she seems to delight in annoying everyone!

At one point in the trailer she pipes up and retorts, “I can say whatever the f*** I want to say!” During another tirade the feisty redhead sarcastically shouts, “Yes, Sir!” before stalking off.

At one point we see Captain Lee and chief stew Kate Chastain talking about “the split”, and it looks like a contentious but necessary decision will have to be made.

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In addition, Rhylee is also seen clashing with Kate in the clip. It would appear she is taking her life in her hands by mouthing off to the head of the interior crew!

Adding another element of intrigue to the whole tension-filled affair is a shot of Kate talking to someone through a door, with the superyacht’s chef Adrian standing beside her. Kate informs whoever is on the other side that they have just half an hour to pack their belongings and leave.

Who could be the unseen mystery person? It definitely could be Rhylee in there, but by the looks of things, it could just as easily be another misguided someone. In fact, it could be someone not seen at all in the clip, which would be even more intriguing!

If it’s one of the interior staff, chances are high that it must be Josiah Carter or Caroline Bedol. Caroline is seen in the clip describing how “the most shocking thing” that’s ever happened to her occurs during the season.

Could something horrible have happened to her that led to someone being fired? Or perhaps after some twist she ends up being the unlucky one given the boot?

Whoever it turns out to be, the ride up to the firing looks likely to be one of the most riveting, jaw-dropping journeys ever to take place on Below Deck!

Below Deck air on Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.

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