Which Bachelorette contestant was pictured holding a rose in behind-the-scenes photo?

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia
A Bachelorette contestant was revealed with a rose in BTS filming shot. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers may have just been treated to a major spoiler as to who is still in the running to find love with Rachel Recchia or Gabby Windey.

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss posted a collage of filming photos primarily showing off scenes from the infamous mansion, but one shot drew fan attention.

One contestant is pictured sporting a rose on his lapel in a room full of contestants with nothing. Who is the mystery man, and how did he luck out with an early rose?

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia contestant pictured with a rose

The telling photo features a crowd of men waiting around what appears to be the mansion at night. One man noticeably stands out as he gestures animatedly and proudly wears a rose in his suit jacket.

The Bachelorette viewers immediately went to work on identifying the unknown man and revealing their personal picks for each Bachelorette lead.

Eagle-eyed Bachelorette fans identified the contestant as 29-year-old Erich Schwer from Santa Monica, California. According to the information posted by Reality Steve, the contestant also works as an Acquisitions Analyst.

Despite not yet knowing how the upcoming season will work with two bachelorettes, fans almost unanimously rooted a relationship between Erich and Rachel.

“I feel like Erich is the one for Rachel & the show haven’t even started lol,” wrote one excited fan.

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Pic credit: u/Illustrious-Insect26

“I hope it’s from Rachel,” another user commented simply.

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Pic credit: u/Illustrious-Insect26

Redditors also had opinions about Gabby’s men, with several mentioning that they believed Jason A would be a good pick for the fan-favorite contestant.

“Jason A that’s the back of his head I know it,” one fan commented in all caps. “Gabby go get your man.”

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Pic credit: u/Illustrious-Insect26

Jason Alabaster, who is also from Santa Monica, is a 30-year-old two-time NCAA All-American tennis player at Rollins College, according to Reality Steve.

The Bachelorette BTS photo appears to reveal scenes from a rose ceremony

The other contestants in the photo were harder to identify at an angle, but as mentioned above, fans were hopeful that one figure could be Jason. It was clear that Erich appeared to be one of the only ones sporting a rose.

Considering the men were in cocktail attire, the scenes were likely shot ahead of a rose ceremony. As for how Erich nabbed an early rose, it is currently not clear if he was treated to a one-on-one or if he made an impression on a group date.

Despite fan opinion, it also hasn’t yet been revealed who he received the rose from.

Mike Fleiss hasn’t been shy about posting behind-the-scenes content this season, so it is likely that fans can look forward to more content soon.

Viewers will have to tune in to the upcoming season to see what exactly went down and if this contestant is one to watch as the two women navigate their historic journey.

The Bachelorette premieres on July 11 on ABC.

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