Which Bachelor ‘villain’ got an edit so bad her classmates won’t even consider going on the show?

Anna Redman
Fans think Anna Redman is the subject of a new interview stating a Bachelor ‘villain’ got a bad edit. Pic credit: ABC

A Bachelor contestant was misrepresented on the show according to her former classmate. No names were mentioned, but Bachelor Nation is pretty sure they know exactly who the ‘villain’ in question is.

Fans of the show are convinced that Bachelor alum Anna Redman is the subject of a new interview implying that a contestant’s words were taken out of context.

A Bachelor fan said her classmate was taken out of context and made to be the season ‘villain’

An alleged schoolmate of one of The Bachelor stars declared in an interview that she would not consider going on the show after seeing what happened to her friend.

“I went to school with someone that went on it,” she said on the What’s Poppin show, “She had an interesting, kind of negative experience.”

The girl also revealed, however, that the unnamed Bachelor star had a better experience during her time on Bachelor in Paradise, and that her ‘villain’ persona wasn’t the entire truth.

“She kind of said something that got taken and edited the wrong way,” she said. “And she’s really nice, and so, I just feel like it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are. They can do you dirty.”

Bachelor fans think Anna Redman is the unnamed ‘villain’

Although the interviewee did not mention the name of her schoolmate, fans quickly took to the comment section to give their best guesses.

The most common guess was Anna Redman, who was shown starting a rumor that another woman was an escort on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor.

One commenter even wrote that she was certain it was Anna as she had gone to college with both of the women.

TikTok comment
Pic credit: @whatspoppinshow/TikTok

Another fan noticed that Anna and the girl, who fans think is @itisjor on TikTok and Instagram, appear to follow one another.

TikTok comment
Pic credit: @whatspoppinshow/TikTok

Fans also took to this Reddit thread to discuss the video, and an eagle-eyed commenter put together that both women appear to come from Chicago.

Reddit comment
Pic credit: @ecbecb/Reddit

Bachelor fans don’t agree that Anna Redman was given a bad edit

Despite their certainty that Anna was the subject of the interview, many fans did not agree that her ‘villain’ status was a result of bad editing.

They called her out for making poor choices and potentially harming Brittany Galvin’s reputation.

Reddit comment
Pic credit: @barbiedollslayer/Reddit
Reddit comment
Pic credit: @KatanaAmerica/Reddit

Anna has gained more fans in the franchise since her time in Bachelor in Paradise and has even been seen hanging out with former Bachelorette Katie Thurston, but she is still most well-known for her problematic comments toward Brittany.

Do you think Anna is The Bachelor contestant who got a misleading edit?

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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