Where does the Below Deck Med Season 8 cast stand with each other today?

Kyle Viljoen and Natalya Scudder on Below Deck Med Season 8
It’s time to check in with the Below Deck Med Season 8 cast. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med Season 8 has wrapped up, but fans are left with questions about the cast since a reunion isn’t happening.

There’s no question that Season 8 of Below Deck Med was a roller coaster of a ride filled with some questionable yachties.

The drama between the crew reached a level of toxicity, making the season hard to watch (at times).

Now that Below Deck Med Season 8 has officially ended, it’s time to look at where some cast members stand today with each other.

After all, crew relationships and friendships were not only tested, but some have completely fallen apart since filming wrapped.

Some cast relationship updates may surprise Below Deck Med fans, while others will be as expected, given things that went down on the show.

Where does the Below Deck Med Season 8 cast stand today with each other?

Captain Sandy Yawn remains on good terms with everyone. Although she recently admitted that Kyle Viljoen started all the drama this season, the captain also would work with him again.

Ruan Irvign is the only crew member Captain Sandy wouldn’t work with again because she can’t trust him following his fake document drama.

Kyle and Natalya Scudder started Season 8 of Below Deck Med as friends. However, viewers quickly saw that friendship declined on-screen, and at the same time, they were not speaking off-screen.

They were still feuding at BravoCon, so it shocked fans when they announced weeks later via Instagram that they had made amends.

Tumi Mhlongo also had issues with Natalya, which had them at odds all season. It appeared the ladies had managed to repair their rift at BravoCon – especially as they focused their wrath on Kyle.

That may have changed, given that on Watch What Happens Live, Tumi took several digs at Natalya. The chief stew even said Natalya had a bigger attitude than Below Deck Down Under alum Chef Ryan McKeown.

It’s worth noting that Natalya and Tumi follow each other on social media.

Tumi and Kyle are no longer friends. The chief stew made that crystal clear more than once at BravoCon.

More Below Deck Med Season 8 cast friendship/relationship updates

Meanwhile, Luka Brunton recently revealed that he and Natalya are still in touch, but it’s nothing more than friendship. Luka also gave an update on his relationship status, which is taken.

No, the lady in Luka’s life isn’t Jessika Asai. Luka threw some serious shade at the stew, revealing they do not communicate.

The boatmance between Lily Davison and Max Salvador went nowhere and shouldn’t surprise anyone. They did leave the yacht on good terms because Max and Lily knew what they had was nothing more than a fun fling.

Chef Jack Luby remains on good terms with almost everyone from the show but maintains a close friendship with Natalya and Lara Du Preez.

The three also have a close bond with Haleigh Gorman. Many Below Deck Med fans feel they didn’t get to know her because of her lack of screen time.

There you have it. Below Deck Med fans a quick update on where the Season 8 cast stands with each other today since, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, there won’t be a reunion.

Below Deck Med is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-8 are streaming on Peacock.

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