Where are Zach and Mindy from Married at First Sight Season 10 now?

Mindy and Zach smile on their wedding day.
Mindy and Zach smile on the last smooth day of their marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Zach and Mindy’s short-lived marriage can hardly be called a marriage. The couple faced struggles at every turn and spent barely any time together, thanks to Zach’s lack of attraction and lack of transparency. 

Zach had a knack for beating around the bush and talking in so many circles that everyone listening would get lost and completely confused. 

Even though Pastor Cal was one of the people responsible for pairing Zach and Mindy, the marriage got so bad that Pastor Cal eventually had to tell Zach that he “sucked as a husband.”  

Zach and Mindy threw in the towel early 

On their wedding day, Mindy was very attracted to Zach. She even ran into fellow MAFS Season 10 bride, Jessica, in the bathroom and gushed about how handsome her new husband was. 

However, Zach did not feel the same attraction towards Mindy and he let her know in quite an insensitive way. Late at night on the honeymoon, Mindy reported that Zach had turned to her and confessed that he’s not attracted to her.

Zach then proceeded to ask Mindy what they should do about his lack of attraction, as though it was Mindy’s responsibility to increase Zach’s attraction toward her. 

Mindy was obviously hurt by Zach’s comments and it stirred up a lot of insecurity. Zach didn’t seem to understand why this was bothering Mindy so much and appeared to lack empathy. 

Their relationship was awkward and distant from then on out, with Zach refusing to move into their shared apartment despite Mindy eagerly wanting him to move in so they could try and get to know each other and potentially grow in attraction. 

Every time Mindy and Zach spoke, Zach would talk non-stop without ever really saying anything or making sense, which greatly frustrated Mindy, and even her friends felt that Zach could not be trusted.

However, there was one friend of Mindy’s who also could not be trusted. 

Mindy learned that Zach had developed a secret relationship with one of Mindy’s bridesmaids, Lindsay, and neither her friend nor Zach had informed Mindy of this.

Zach appeared to make more effort communicating with Lindsay than with Mindy. 

When confronted, Zach denied the closeness he had with Lindsay, but when Mindy asked her friend directly, Lindsay confessed. Lindsay admitted that she and Zach had talked on the phone more than once and would text each other several times. 

Mindy felt her trust was completely betrayed and had to wrestle with learning that both her husband and her close friend were not loyal to her. 

Zach also tried to turn the tables by claiming that Mindy did something dishonest in their marriage but he refused to tell her exactly what he was accusing her of doing. 

Zach holding this vague accusation over Mindy’s head felt very emotionally manipulative to fans that had to watch this trainwreck marriage. Eventually, Mindy had enough and the two divorced before Decision Day even arrived.

After initiating a divorce, Mindy’s friends threw her a party to celebrate her being free of Zach, as most of them were not too fond of Zach and the way he strung Mindy along. Zach also walked away from the marriage feeling as though he and Mindy were on two “different planets” and going on to briefly date their fellow MAFS costar, Katie.

Where are Zach and Mindy now? 

Zach does not appear to publicly be in a new relationship. Instead, he seems to have dedicated his life to fitness and nutrition.

Zach offers nutritional consultations, online coaching and programming, and he also founded the business Casual Athlete. He uses his platform to share tips on staying fit, as well as sharing photos of his dogs and his modeling. 

Mindy also does not appear to be in a public relationship. The brunette figure skating coach, seems happily focused on traveling, beach days, and friendships. 

While some castmates from MAFS want to fully remove themselves from the franchise after their season, Mindy is still outspoken about the show and posts her excitement for watching the latest seasons.

When Chris Williams made rude and disparaging comments about Paige on MAFS Season 12, Mindy posted a photo of Paige declaring her a beautiful 10 out of 10. Mindy also defended her friend and fellow MAFS costar, Katie, when she faced online bullying.

Mindy also remains friends with her MAFS costars and is grateful to have met the rad ladies from her season. She appears to have found the positives of being apart of the MAFS franchise despite the negatives of her marriage. 

After the constant headache Mindy endured in her marriage with Zach, it’s refreshing to see that she has been able to move on and still wish the best for future MAFS candidates. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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