What nights is Big Brother on this summer (2021)?

BB22 Jury Segment
Fans are ready for a new Big Brother cast to be featured. Pic credit: CBS

A new season of Big Brother begins this summer and CBS is dedicating three nights a week to the reality competition show.

Unfortunately, it looks like Big Brother: After Dark will not be used for the BB23 cast, so live feed subscriptions will be needed for that footage.

CBS announced that the season premiere will air on Wednesday, July 7. It’s a bit later than usual for a premiere episode, but also much earlier than when the BB22 cast got started.

The early expectation is that the season will then run through the end of September, coming to an end on the same night that Survivor 41 begins at CBS.

What nights is Big Brother on this summer?

New episodes of the hit reality competition show will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week. This will give viewers familiarity with the schedule and it will be consistent with what a lot of recent seasons have done.

Sunday episodes will cover the Nomination Ceremony, Wednesday will mostly focus on the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, and Thursdays will be eviction night. The Thursday episodes will also feature the Head of Household Competitions unless they run late and have to be finished up on the next Sunday episode.

Each of the Big Brother 23 episodes will begin at 8/7c and serve as a lead-in to new episodes of Love Island USA. The combination of the reality shows will take up a lot of primetime hours for CBS during the summer 2021 season.

More news about Big Brother 23

Since it was just revealed that the Big Brother casting producer is done with her work, we might be looking at learning the names of the BB23 cat members relatively soon. That would be great, but since we still have the entire month of June to get through before the season premiere, it might still be a few weeks until that information gets released.

Julie Chen Moonves returns as the host of the show, and she is already using social media to tease fans about the upcoming season. We are really hoping that construction for the new set is close to being done so that Julie can give us our annual summer house tour. That will give us a good look at the house theme.

As for the theme of Big Brother 23 itself, it looks like producers are taking the show back to the basics, which should help the longevity of the reality competition show. That, added to an entirely new group of houseguests, should help bring back fans who were frustrated about seeing familiar faces playing the game so often.

For anyone who needs a quick Big Brother fix, below is the video that Julie Chen Moonves shared when she was showing off the BB22 house.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.